My Picks…Artists On The Rise

Since the age of 14, most of my life has been devoted to radio (mostly) and television, but I’ve also spent time doing music and movie marketing and most importantly as a manager of a few rock bands in the Midwest years ago. If you read my blog often, you know how much I love music and interesting artists. I care about those who have soul….meaning that it’s not lifeless, but it breathes and grabs you. Here’s a few of the artists I would love to see go far. I have done this kind of thing for a long time and I usually nail it with most. I’m also someone who likes many genres and my main categories are good and bad. This stuff is great!

A few of my picks as Artists On The Rise:

Casual Sex







Secret Colours


Plague Vendor

The Family Crest


Elle King

Royal Blood



Little May

Zella Day

Miriam Bryant


All We Are




Young Fathers

Public Access TV

Radio Department

Hear most of them together on my playlist.

Starred Up


Starred Up is one fine indie film. Jack O’Connell is excellent in it and just one heck of an actor. I’ve seen him in other flicks and I get the sense that he can act in nearly any kind of role. I put him in that Johnny Depp, Ed Norton category of great modern day actor.If I had my own studio, he’d be in several films.

What does Starred Up mean? Well, if you are a real pain in the ass, even in the prison world, you get Starred Up and move to a higher security prison.

Starred Up is about a troubled teen, Eric (Jack O’Connell) that goes to high security prison for adults and stirs it up often with anyone. He runs into to someone that makes an impact: his father.

Great story.



I love discovering interesting artists.

They have been rumbling for a while and over the months have been gaining buzz.

THIS is freaking kick ass….Crobot!

I enjoy rock & roll with BALLS once in a while and this is it. A hint of Myles Kennedy in the style of vocals. If Soundgarden and Jackyl morphed, it would be Crobot.

Here’s their official website.

My favorite song of theirs, Nowhere To Hide.

Here’s some of their other songs.

TV, Radio, Music and Movie File

All things tv: TV Tattle.

All things music: Pause and Play.

All things movies: Jo Blo.

All things television: The Futon Critic.

I really liked the Boardwalk Empire finale.

Terence Winter discusses the Boardwalk Empire finale.

The Wrap on Fall TV.

Soundgarden’s new song, Storm.

Cream box set.

Batman vs. Superman viral.

Secret Colours


I’ve liked this band for a while now. If I had my own record label, I’d sign these guys. Talent!!! There’s always hope when a band like this exists. City Slicker is a great song. If the stars line up, they’ll go far. They have IT, as opposed to the manufactured IT, which is rampant. Thank you, Secret Colours. Chicago is their home. Go see them live if you can.

Secret Colours is their name.

Secret Colours official website

Secret Colours Bandcamp page

TV, Radio, Music and Movie File

All things tv: TV Tattle.

All things music: Pause and Play.

All things movies: Jo Blo.

All things television: The Futon Critic.

The Walking Dead’s wild & crazy times.

The Simpsons World streaming service.

MTV’s Real World Skeletons.

Video Game Calendar.

Gorillaz fresh stuff coming in 2016.

Tom Hanks has written a story for The New Yorker.

Gwen Stefani’s Baby Don’t Lie.

Paul McCartney and John Bonham Beware My Love.

Smashing Pumpkins Being Beige.

P.O.D.’s SoCal Sessions.

Thurston Moore’s Speak To The Wild.

Jena Malone is set for Batman vs. Superman.

Tom Hardy for X-Men: Apocalypse.