The Making of The Simpsons

David Letterman, Indianapolis Weatherman

Bugs Bunny’s debut in Porky’s Hare Hunt

Tim Allen 80’s

Mike and Mindy tv pilot starring Robin Williams and Pam Dawber

Kelsey Grammer Salutes Jack Benny

Jerry Seinfeld on HBO, 1981


Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages

Tribute to the Original SNL Cast

Van Halen’s Zero, 1977 (Pre-Major Label Debut)

Phil Collins Homeless demo (Another Day In Paradise)

Green Day’s Dookie demos

Madonna’s Get Up demo, 1981

Red Hot Chili Peppers first demo, 1983

Prince & The Commission, Mid-70’s

Jane’s Addiction Jane Says demo

Bruce Springsteen’s New York City Serenade demo

Guns N’ Roses Back of Bitch demo, 1986

Michael Jackson’s Starlight demo, Thriller-era

R.E.M.’s Lotus demo

Pre-KISS, Wicked Lester’s She

Metallica Black Album demos, 1990

Oasis demos ’92/’93

Cyndi Lauper’s band pre-solo stardom, Blue Angel’s God Help Me I Love Rock & Roll

Nirvana’s Bleach

Pre-Stone Temple Pilots, Mighty Joe Young’s Piece of Pie

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s motivational interview, 1977

The Rocky Story by Sly Stallone

The Many Faces of Angelina Jolie

Live Free or Die Hard bloopers with Bruce Willis

Top Ten Johnny Depp Performances

Kurt Russell’s audition for Star Wars

Various Junk






I will forever dig The Smithereens.


I will forever dig Sharon Stone.

I’ve been watching:
-Bojack Horseman. Excellent. Netflix.
-SOA. Many Holy Shit moments. Gemma, Jax will get you, mama…eventually. Annabeth Gish is smokin’ hot. I’d lick her ass.
-Boardwalk Empire. My weekly mob fix.
-The Quentin Tarantino library.
-The Nick Cave documentary.

I’ve been listening to:
-Badfinger. I love that band. Such a sad story. They got fucked. Kids,
be sure to get some Badfinger in your music menu. Plus a few Badfinger life lessons: Be careful who you trust, keep an eye on your money and never take your life.
-Cracker. The 90’s band. They were/are great. Who doesn’t like Low?
-King Tuff.
-The latest Spoon album.
-The Shins.
-Classic Material Issue. I wish Jim was still alive.
-The new Slash stuff.
-The Breeders.
-The Clash.

I’ve been reading:
-Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit.
-Various material via Brain Pickings.
-The latest issues of Mojo, Classic Rock magazine, Empire and Playboy.




Friends debuted 20 years ago.

The official date is Monday and TBS will air a Friends marathon.

The thing that I thought was interesting was that each cast member had previously been in one or several television series that all flopped. Suddenly, these three guys and three gals get together and all the stars align. I was never one of those Friends fanatics, but I appreciate what they accomplished. It was a phenomenon that happened rather quickly at the time. The media machine loved Friends.


TV, Radio, Music and Movie File

All things tv: TV Tattle

All things music: Pause and Play

All things movies: Jo Blo

Paul Reiser is starring in an Amazon series.

TV Land Cosby Show marathon.


Sons of Anarchy novel, Bravta.


Fall TV Preview The Futon Critic.

Fall TV: CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and The CW.

Fall Music Preview: Entertainment Weekly.

Fall Movie Preview: Entertainment Weekly.

Aretha Franklin album coming this month.

Bryan Adams covers Chuck Berry’s Rock & Roll.

Frank Ocean is working on a new album.

Dotan is one to watch.

Mark Knopfler is working on an album.

Lecrae is having great success.

Metallica with 27 live albums.

Nick Cave documentary.

Ryan Adams video for My Wrecking Ball.

Beck’s happenings.

Jewel’s Home To Me.

Seal’s stuff.

Mapei is one to watch.

Purple is one to watch.

Rush box set.

Twerps are causing a buzz.

A look at the new Slipknot masks.

Beyonce and Jay-Z release.

The latest on Doctor Strange.

Tom Hiddleston is set to star in King Kong.


Anybody really excited about any of this fall tv stuff? The only thing to me that really could be interesting is Gotham.

Clear Channel is now iHeart Media. It’s not surprising. They can expand in many areas: iHeart TV to go with iHeart Radio. How about iHeart Music or iHeart Movies. If they really want to make money, which they haven’t done in forever because they have so much debt, they might as well do iHeart Porn. $$$$


Joel McHale and The Soup is always funny.

Another look at fall music.

Another look at fall movies.


I’m looking forward to this book: Stephen King’s Revival.