Summer TV Preview


TV Nets: CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and The CW.

A few tv series on the way.

May 5th
FOX’s 24: Live Another Day starring Kiefer Sutherland.

May 19th
Maya Rudolph’s NBC variety show debuts.

May 22nd
NBC’s Last Comic Standing returns with Roseanne.

May 27th
NBC’s The Night Shift
FOX’s I Wanna Marry “Harry.”

May 29th
NBC’s Undateable debuts.

May 30th
NBC’s Crossbones starring John Malkovich debuts.

May 31st
ABC’s  Bet On Your Baby airs.

June 19th
ABC’s The Quest debuts.

June 25th
Taxi Brooklyn drives onto ABC.

June 30th
Under The Dome returns on CBS.

July 9th
CBS debuts Extant starring Halle Berry.

July 10th
ABC debuts Welcome To Sweden.

ABC debuts Working The Engels.

July 22nd
Food Fighter hits ABC.

July 24th
ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club debuts.

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Summer Music and Movie Preview



Here’s a few music and movie releases on the way.

Everything is tentative.

May 1st
Avengers: Age of Ultron starring Robert Downey Jr. etc.

May 2nd/3rd
Amazing Spiderman 2 starring Andrew Garfield.

May 6th
Lily Allen’s Sheezus.
Anastasia’s Resurrection.
Atmosphere’s Southsiders.
Sarah McLachlan’s Shine On.
Natalie Merchant’s Natalie Merchant.

May 9th
Chef starring Robert Downey Jr.
Neighbors starring Seth Rogan and Zac Efron.

May 13th
Tori Amos Unrepentant Geraldines.
The Black Keys Turn Blue.
Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE.
Rascal Flatts Rewind.
Dolly Parton’s Blue Smoke.

May 16th
Godzilla starring Bryan Cranston.

May 20th
Coldplay’s Ghost Stories.
Hedley’s Wild Life.
Conor Oberst’s Upside Down Mountain.

May 23rd
X-Men: Days of Future Past starring Patrick Stewart etc.
Blended starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

May 27th
Birdy’s Fire Within.
Ready Set’s The Bad & The Better.

May 30th
Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie.
A Million Ways To Die starring Liam Neeson and Charlize Theron.

June 2nd
Deliver Us From Evil starring Eric Bana.

June 3rd
Casper Van Beethoven’s El Camino Real.
Echo & The Bunnymen’s Meteorites.
James La Petite Mort.

June 6th
Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise.
The Fault of Our Stars starring Willem Dafoe and Laura Dern.

June 10th
Chrissie Hynde’s Stockholm.
Night Ranger’s High Road.
O.A.R.’s The Rockville LP.
Jack White’s Lazaretta.

June 13th
How To Train Your Dragon 2.
22 Jump Street.
The Signal starring Laurence Fishburne.

June 17th
David Gray’s Mutineers.
Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party.
Jennifer Lopez.
Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour.

June 19th
Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fasbender.
Jersey Boys.

June 27th
Transformers: Age of Extinction starring Mark Wahlberg.

July 1 st
Brian Wilson.

July 4th
Tammy starring Melissa McCarthy.

July 8th
Yes Heaven & Earth.

July 11th
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes starring Andy Serkis.

July 15th
The Neighbourhood.
Honeyblood’s Honeyblood.

July 18th
Jupiter Ascending starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.

July 22nd
Mike Posner’s Pages.

July 25th
Hercules starring The Rock.
Sex Tape starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz.

July 29th
Jennifer Hudson.

August 1st
Guardians of the Galaxy starring Bradley Cooper.
50 Shades of Grey starring Dakota Johnson.

August 5th
50 Cent.

August 8th
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles starring Megan Fox.

August 12th
Robert Plant.

August 15th
The Expendables 3 starring Sly Stallone.

August 19th
Susanna Hoffs.

August 22nd
Sin City: A Dame To Kill starring Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba.

August 26th
Stevie Wonder.

August 29th
The Loft starring Karl Urban.
Jane Got A Gun starring Natalie Portman.

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A Few News, Sports and Showbiz Things

Here’s a few things coming soon:

Now: The Masters and Coachella.

April 13th: MTV Movie Awards and season premiere of Mad Men.

April 15th: NCAA Final Four.

April 16th: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs begin.

April 19th: Record Store Day. (I love vinyl and it’s always a true, genuine music person’s kind of day)

April 20th: Easter.

April 23rd: Administrative Professionals Day.

April 29th: Jerry Seinfeld’s birthday and TV Land’s tv anniversary.

May…The TV nets announce their fall tv schedules.

May 5th: FOX’s 24: Live Another Day starring Kiefer Sutherland debuts/returns.

May 3rd: Free Comic Book Day.

May 4th: Star Wars Day…May the 4th Be With you.

May 11th: Mother’s Day.

May 17th: SiriusXM radio anniversary.

May 25th: Indy 500.

May 26th: Memorial Day.

June 1st: E! tv anniversary.

June 5th: NBA Finals begin.

June 12th: Bonnaroo begins.

June 15th: Father’s Day.

July 4th: Independence Day.

July 5th: Seinfeld tv anniversary.

August…Primetime Emmys.

August 1st: NYC anniversary and MAD magazine anniversary.

August 19th: My birthday. 110% Leo.

August 24th: MTV Video Music Awards.

September…A ton of fall tv, music and movies…including the season premiere of the final season of Sons of Anarchy and Boardwalk Empire.

TV, Radio, Music & Movie File

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I agree with Howard Stern…Joel McHale should replace Letterman.
Hear Howard discuss it.

TV Pilots for all the tv nets here.


A month away from FOX’s 24: Live Another Day.

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Days and Nights

My days and nights have been loaded. As you may or may not know from various posts previously, I’ve gone in another direction when it comes to work. I passed a few tests and exams and got frustrated, although I was doing alright for the most part. I was thinking of just moving on from my different direction, but decided that I am staying the course on financial services. I’m still not there yet 110%, but I am putting everything into it, although it can be tough. It’s not a sure thing yet, but whether I win or lose at this, I can say I gave it my all.