Before They Became Famous


Madonna led Emmy and the Emmys. Hear them here.


Billy Idol was the lead singer for Generation X. See them here.


Prince was with 94 East. Hear them here.


Bruce Springsteen and his first band called The Castiles. Hear them here.


They were called Mammoth just before going with Van Halen. Here are the early Mammoth demos, plus an interview on KROQ here.


Cyndi Lauper pre-solo stardom with Blue Angel. Here them here.


Before they were the Eurythmics, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart were The Tourists. Hear them here.


Before his shot on tv with 21 Jump Street and long before movies, Johnny Depp was doing music (still does). His current band is P, but his original band was the City Kids. Hear them here.

Various Junk

Larry King is getting a Podcast One podcast.

What I’m watching, listening to and reading:

TV: All the Fall TV stuff. Looking forward to The Walking Dead. Still my top picks are always SOA and Boardwalk Empire.

The twisted Adult Swim.

Radio: Mainly XRT and Xfm London.

Music: First, Tweedy’s Sukirae is A+.

I’ve been really digging Secret Colours, a Midwest band that has a great vibe of true rock and roll. They could become big.

Ryan Adams is excellent!

King Tuff, Spoon, Thurston Moore all getting played a lot around here.

Fresh artists to get to know…The awesome Drenge, Us The Duo, Allah-Las, Team Spirit and Lulac.

John Mellencamp’s Plain Spoken has some nice moments.

Tracks Of My Years by Bryan Adams is fun, especially if you’re someone that grew up with Cuts Like A Knife and Reckless. He covers songs by other artists on this one and it kicks off with Any Time At All.

Movies: I enjoyed The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington. I’m planning on going to see Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Buzz city.

Digging some Alfred Hitchcock flicks.

Books: I’ve been re-reading some Ernest Hemmingway classics.

Web: Funny or Die has had a lot of funny crap lately.

CBGB’s house photographer has shared some classic pics.

Bill Murray story from a great Kindle single about David Letterman.

Be sure to check out my Track Of The Day and all the various playlists on my Spotify. I will follow you back. I just got back on Spotify again after some time away, so starting from scratch. There are some giant-sized playlists.

Here I am on….Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all the others too. Just look for me.

Courtney Stodden shark attack….


TV, Radio, Music and Movie File

All things tv: TV Tattle.

All things music: Pause and Play.

All things movies: Jo Blo.

Behind the scenes at The Simpsons animation studio.

Get to know Greylag.

Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat.

Aretha covers Adele.

Tweedy’s video for Low Key.

Tears For Fears does Radiohead’s Creep.

Mastadon’s The Motherload.

Inherent Vice trailer with Joaquin Phoenix.

Gone Girl clip.


Hey you… Hoping all is well in your world.


Ooooh…. I do love books. I love reading on my Kindle Fire, but there’s nothing like holding onto a physical book and flipping through it. I really do dig technology, but at times the differences are a lot like sex…with one there is a detachment and the other is the full experience. We are a very socially connected public, but a very detached society.

The house needs more pets.

I went to a few fairs and festivals recently…great times and I avoided junk.

Yardwork has been insane lately. Basically getting rid of trees…giant dead old trees. Beautiful, but we all have an expiration date.

SNL season premiere was funny at times, but…

I want a car with wings and fangs.

Here’s a few of my favorite songs ever in a playlist on Spotify that I put together. I would have The Beatles in there, but their Beatles stuff is lean. I have The Doors, Stones and all my others. Special songs that mean something to me.

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