State of Television


I’m a television fan.

I love many things, but think some things really stink. I might even hate some stuff.

The broadcast television networks are fighting for anything that resembles a hit. Let’s look at each tv net.

CBS: NCIS starring Mark Harmon is a monster. Great tv series and one of my favorites. CSI, Criminal Minds and a few others really make them, for the most part, a fantastic place. Elementary is one that I have enjoyed.

ABC: They had a nice streak for a while with Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. One is gone and the other isn’t what it was. Zero Hour starring Anthony Edwards was a dud. The NEED hits again.

NBC: It’s the final hoorah for The Office. The peacock needs some help. Revolution starring Billy Burke has people talking. I kinda dig it. They NEED even more hits.

FOX: American Idol is VERY wobbly. The Following starring Kevin Bacon. It could be one of the better things on FOX.

Let’s talk news. The tv nets news divisions well, blow. ABC is the best of the bunch. I do think Diane Sawyer does a fine job. Jake Tapper is the top gun covering politics in a zero bullshit manner, but now at CNN. CBS is alright in some spots, but very biased in many ways. NBC just sucks, biased beyond belief. I’m not sure if they will EVER fix their approach to news. Probably not.

Sports. Alright, Al Michaels is always fantastic and a few others, but my main issue with the sports broadcasts is the announcing is horrid.

Cable is KING. FX’s Sons of Anarchy is the greatest thing going and I can’t wait for September for that. AMC’s The Walking Dead is a fun one. HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is a beer we should all drink. Mad Men & Breaking Bad are both excellent. Duck Dynasty is reality, but I like this one.

Television puts so much garbage out there. Part of it is the American appetite for crap. Reality tv needs to go…anytime would be nice. I’m over it.

Let’s hope the tv pilot season we’re in at the moment will produce the greatest television of all time. From looking through the tv pilot info., all of them have some interesting ones. It’ll be fun to check and see what they pick.

Web/Television is interesting. Where will this lead? Amazon has a bunch of stuff coming. Netflix with House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey has been a buzzy hit among tv critics and some fans. Hulu, Yahoo etc. all getting into their own stuff. How about Break and Crackle?!? Nice. YouTube is continuing to branch out in various areas with original content.

I love tv. I hate the bullshit.


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