Man on Woman

The dynamics between men & women is always interesting to me.

This is…Man on Woman. My take on them and trying to understand things. Maybe you can help?!? I’ve been through quite a bit when it comes to love & relationships. Many times I think, I am truly misunderstood. Assumptions are made way too often in life by many.

To give you some history… I’ve been married and divorced twice. The first time to the beautiful, sweet blonde Jamie. We we’re both young, not really ready, zero kids and we decided to move on…you take your stuff, I’ll take mine. We’re still friendly, although don’t talk much. She’s remarried again (a couple of times since ours) and he is a bit controlling and doesn’t want her talking to me. My next marriage was with a fun, straightforward brunette named Ronda, the mother of my children. We just grew apart and some other things, which I won’t get into here. I’m not gonna talk trash. We get along fine now.

Between those and then from 2006 until now, I’ve been living the single life of dating and just trying to make something of anything that resembles a decent relationship. One step at a time. It can be fun, but it’s also draining.

I’m so misunderstood and I’ll tell you why I THINK I am misunderstood. First, I think if someone watches what I do or listens to what I say and pays attention, I’m easy to get, but when a woman’s mind goes down a dark road…oh fuck. Assuming….wondering….WHY do women do that? Things that aren’t even CLOSE to truth, but they THINK it is. I don’t get it. They are their own worst enemy, when they should be their own best friend and help their own cause…themselves. Paranoia will destroy ya. I’m just so real. Maybe too real for some. I say what I mean and mean what I say. Fun, friendly and most of all, honest. I’m not a jerk, honest in a nice way. I’m an open book, which frightens some. I can also spot bullshit a mile away. The older I get, the more I do for me. It’s not selfish, as I am very loving and caring, but I do what I want. I’m not going to kiss anyone’s ass or jump through hoops and most of all, I don’t chase. NEVER chase. EVER. If I have someone, I treat them well and we do a lot and have fun, but I’m not going to go through drama and all that. This, I believe, is some of why women just don’t get me or don’t like me. They get attracted and when they realize they can’t control me and I’m so independent and easygoing, it scares them. I’m a different animal. I’m nice until someone gets shitty with me, then I’ll get shitty back. I wake up in a great mood usually….way more positive than negative. Huge heart, passion and love, but am void of that special person. Over the past year…it’s been rough in my life, with family situations, job problems and then a few women have just gone mad. Females that I’ve dated, been friends with etc. I’ve lost nearly ALL of them. Weird. It doesn’t bother me, but I try to figure it out.

To those people that have known me for a long time find much of this surprising because they truly know me. When I say I’ve had a few women say to me over the past year, “you’re so mean.” They just say to me, “you’re kidding, right?” Nope. It’s funny, but sadly, that’s what I’ve been told.

Women SAY they want a good man (as they say, “where are all the good ones?”) and one who is honest, real, fun etc. I’m all those things. I’m just a good man with a bad boy streak…nothing horrible, just fun, but a loyal person I am. See…they SAY they want all that, but not really. That is a crap. When a man is as honest as I am and still friendly and all those things…for whatever reason, they vanish or just want to have a sex buddy, which I’m not against, but would like just a decent woman who can be fucking real. I think women would rather have a guy who says EVERYTHING they WANT to hear and be a shady bastard behind their back than a guy like me who is open, honest and says it like it is, without being an asshole, and they freak. Honesty is NOT what women want.

Instead of paying attention to what is the truth and right in front of them, they’d rather go through drama and bullshit etc. I’m just not into headgames and all that.

One major trend I’ve noticed over a decade or so and it just grows. I know this from personal experience…women LOVE to cheat. I’ve had several married women CRAVE and WANT what I have. Before I knew the truth, we’d done the deed many times. Men are not the only dogs in the pound. I see this more and more. Women have a dark side. REALLY dark. Texting and social media makes cheating even easier for people. Better access. Private talks become playful and just leads to everything else. People that would never have strayed before are doing it. I’m not some prude. Some people are in crappy relationships and aren’t satisfied sexually, I get that. The ONLY thing I really have going for me is my basic Leo charm and if they get to know me…um, further…my sexual drive and my package. Ha… Really. See, I am just too honest. It’s the truth. They love the great sex. Me too. BUT…a single woman would be nice.

This has been one giant sexual, love & relationship ramble. I just had to express myself about this. I’d love to know your thoughts. Until then, I’ll keep living my life having fun and maybe she’ll come along. I look around when I’m having a beer and playing pool with friends, grocery, store, anywhere. I love meeting people and making friends. You never know. I just don’t drive myself nuts trying to find her. Sometimes you gotta not look and it’ll happen. Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway.


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