My Life Lately

Some of you do know some of my history and many of you probably don’t. I’ve done radio with a stretch of television my whole life, beginning around 15. It’s been the best of times and the worst of times, but I’ve always had a passion for it. Passion is my favorite word. Radio has taken me to Orlando, Minneapolis with much of my time in Indiana. Television was while I was doing radio during a period of the 90’s. I’d go to Indy to tape tv episodes over the weekend. We’d do usually three or four episodes during weekends that we’re available. All fun. Both radio and television have been something I enjoy, whether on or off.

Media in general is on a shaky foundation. Naturally, people come and go. I’ve had it happen a few times with me, where you get let go. Financially is the reason in my case. I was let go in August of 2012 and I’m under a non-compete, so I can be a gypsy again and move or wait or do something else. Although, I do enjoy it all. I don’t need it all. I’m just happy in my life, so as long as I’m doing things I like, I’m satisfied. I’m still looking for THE job, but doing things to keep me busy.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been doing with all my spare time, plus a few great friends who’ve been very nice. One thing I’ve learned over all my years is treat people well, help them when they need it and they may do the same. Well, a few things have happened fairly recently that I experienced that happened because of John, Susan and Melanie. All three in showbiz and I’ve known all three for around 20 some years. They just wanted to spend time together and get me to enjoy some stuff, which I did. Plus, when everything is paid for and covered, alright…let’s.

*I went to both the Grammys & the Oscars. I’ve been to MTV award shows before, but it’s been years. I’ve never been to the big ones before. It was a great time. Quick, but fun. They mentioned the Primetime Emmys to me, but I’m not sure I’ll catch that. Maybe…not sure yet.

*I spent a couple of days & nights in Austin for SXSW. Austin is a place I could live. I dig it…a lot.

*Spending as much time with my kids as I can (they’re in Florida), whether it’s a great conversation…we talk every day and/or night anyway, Skype or those moments where I can see them. My world. I love it!

*Helping my folks, which is very important to me. I do as much as I can to help my parents, as they have been through a lot of crap. Main reason I returned to Indiana, to give them help.

*Culinary classes. I enjoy cooking.

*I’m hosting a couple of midwest related tv pilots. One was shot in Chicago and is about the movie biz. The other was shot in Detroit and is about the music biz. I can’t say much more and I’m not sure when or if these will happen, but I liked doing them. I was a part of a tv pilot in the Twin Cities once with radio folks. It never really became anything, but the premise of that was what eventually became Dish Nation.

*I’ve been hosting on a couple of Top40 radio web channels.

*I love books and I enjoy writing. I’ve spent a couple of years writing my novel, Life and Death. I’m almost done with it. Gripping shit imo.

*I’ve gone on several dates. I love women and women either love me or hate me…mainly because I’m a realist and just speak my mind, not as a jerk, but I’m honest. I can say, I’m VERY misunderstood by many. A lot of assumptions.

So, this is just some of the stuff that has been happening. The main things in my life are my family: #1 my kids, my folks, my bro. A few close friends are important to me. Just hanging with my people, talking about life, laughing, eating great food, having some beverages. THAT is what I like.


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