Here’s a few things I’m liking a lot right now…


Josef Adalian’s great piece on called The Great Roseanne Rush: Remembering the Great Stand-up Sitcom Boom (and Bust) of the Nineties. Get it here.


Daft Punk’s excellent song, Get Lucky.


VJ: The Unplugged Adventure’s of MTV’s First Wave by MTV’s Original VJ’s Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn & Nina Blackwood. I’ve had a chance to read an advanced copy. Great read! It’s the oral history of those first few MTV years. It’s due May 7th.

I’ve had a real love/hate relationship (in a fun way) with a few social media networks. I REALLY, truly do enjoy them, but sometimes I do not approve of some of the things the organizations do to the services they provide, affecting those customers of their product. I’ve always been one of the first to get on whatever the thing of the moment is…. I was one of the first to get on MySpace back in the day. I was on Facebook within the first month, Twitter…even sooner. So, I am faithful to trying the things out. Due to my feelings on various things, I’ve been on ’em for a while…then get off of them for a while….only to return. Anyway, I’m back on Facebook and Twitter and damn near every other social media network. Be sure to check me out. Let’s be friends, follow each other etc. FB: David Eppley, Twitter: @DavidAEppley, Tumblr (David Eppley and Zack Skyler), YouTube, Google+, MySpace, Instagram and some others.

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