You & I

If you like discussing all things of life…news, sports, family, kids, jobs, money, love, friends etc.

If you like sharing and discussing all things entertainment and pop culture…tv, radio, music, movies, books, web etc.

If you enjoy great animation, cartoons, art etc.

If you like to know truth on many levels etc.

If you like funny stuff etc.

I’m always looking for friends. I’m a great friend to have. Let’s be friends! Please get together with me on all of my social media nets. I’d like to join you as well. I appreciate it.


Let’s be friends on Facebook.

Twitter Logo

I’m probably most active on Twitter. Being an info. junkie, Twitter can be the greatest social media platform of all. Let’s follow each other on Twitter.

YouTube Logo

I’ve got a YouTube channel, where I feature some of my favorites on YouTube. A lot of great tv, radio, music and movie oriented stuff. I’m also going to soon begin doing some Random Thoughts via YouTube. Please subscribe.


Tumblr is a fun one. I’ve got a Tumblr for Zack Skyler and David Eppley. Both are me. I mainly use the Zack one on Tumblr. Many great pics etc. Let’s follow each other on Tumblr.

Instagram Logo

Let’s do Instagram together. Picture madness!

Pinterest Logo

Although, Pinterest seems to be mainly for women, there are some thing men can enjoy on it. I recently began pinning, but it’s all things I like. Everything from houses, cars, motorcycles, art, food recipes (I dig cooking) and all the entertainment stuff…tv, radio, music, movies, books etc. So, ladies and gentlemen, follow me on Pinterest and I’ll do the same.


It’s always nice to be in touch with people when it comes to jobs and work. Most of my life (since 14), I’ve hosted radio shows of all kinds. I’ve always done it, although along the way, I did other things along with it…manager, server, retail and I even had a stint for a few years doing television in Indy (taping it over weekends…several episodes), while through the week doing radio in Fort Wayne. I’ve lived and worked in places such as Orlando and Minneapolis. Zack Skyler was the name I used throughout my years. I did a few things as Hollywood and also as Johnny Pop. David A. Eppley is MY name and although the other names are a part of me, heck, it’s all the same. I’m just a real, honest and fun person who loves life. I love life. My kids are my world. I am a family guy. I do so much for my folks, who’ve been through a lot. I’ve lived and learned along the way. Married and divorced a couple of times. Friendly with both exes. I’m a good man, bad boy and someone who cares…a lot about many people, places and things. Passion. Anything is possible.


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