Livin’ and Learnin’

Life is a journey which takes us to many places. Some are full of light and some are a deep, dark pit. Striving to be the best you can be, even in the worst of times, is something I try to do. Through the peaks and valleys of life, I’m always trying to live & learn through ALL of it. Sometimes nothing makes much sense.

I’m an odd soul… As a kid, I was quiet, shy, nerdy, friendly with most groups of people, but never quite fitting in anywhere. You adjust. You adapt. It’s life. I always opened up once I got to know people. There’s times where I can be the life of the party and then moments where I’m alone in a crowd. It just depends. I’m still that kid in many ways. Much of that is by choice. It’s a comfort zone thing. I can be a people person, 110%, and then be off doing my own thing. I like both.

It’s been a tough year or so for me on many levels, but through all of it, I’m a positive person. I always try to smash negativity to pieces. I’m VERY misunderstood by many. People assume too many things and THINK they know a person or a situation, but they don’t. They make judgment calls on something they THINK happened, when it did not. It LOOKS that way or it SEEMS that way, but it DID NOT happen like that. I can think of MANY things that people have just turned for zero reason. The reasons they believe are NOT the truth. Funny. It’s a shortcut to thinking for some. People like to piss on those who treat them well. Sad. Pathetic. I’m a realist, so I ALWAYS say it like it is.

Here are a few things, which I came up with for myself years ago, which I try to follow for myself. Maybe you can get some use from these…

-Always be HONEST. Regardless of how good or bad it is. Not brutally honest, but always speak the truth as you know it. Most (nearly ALL) people are full of shit. Just complete bullshitters. Sure, I’ve lied, but I rarely lie. Even the little white lies are almost nonexistent with me. I just speak the f-ing truth. People do not know how to handle someone like me, because they ALL lie.

-Treat people the way you’d like to be treated. The only time that goes out the window is if someone is an asshole to you. I can’t tell you how many times where I’ve responded to someone and their shitty ways only for them to be SHOCKED at my response. Well, listen asshole, if you treated me nice, like I treat you, you wouldn’t have that problem. It’s only shocking because it comes from a NICE person…me.

-Never, EVER take any shit. Doing what you’re told is different from taking shit. Be responsible, work hard, do your thing. Taking shit is a whole different thing and nobody should take anyone’s shit….ever.

-BE REAL. Phonies are everywhere and it seems as time goes on they multiply. WTF!?! Real beats fake anytime. But so many are fake, they prefer fake people over real people. Real people make them realize their fake everything is bullshit.

-Family matters. My family is #1 with me. My kids are my world. My folks are great people. My brother is a cool guy. They are the people that I try to do anything for. They keep me going. Family is important.

-Friendship matters. RARELY do people realize what true friendship is anymore. If you can count five people as true friends…be happy. I don’t mean people you know or acquaintances or co-workers. TRUE friends. Some of those can be true friends, but most are just people we know. Value your friendships.

-Have fun! Have some damn fun once in a while.

-Attitude matters. A GOOD attitude. Not a bad attitude.

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