ALL of it

So, today and tomorrow, I’m very busy with several things. Traveling.  This will be quick.

I know some people aren’t sure about me because, although I’m such an entertainment and pop culture dork, I’m not a mind controlled, in my own bubble, too busy to care, dumb, clueless, who gives a shit kind of person. I do care a lot and as much as I like music, movies, tv and radio….I follow news and sports and things going on. I wish more did. I like to be clear about, because many entertainment followers do not like nor seem to care about things they should follow or care about. I can do both and do them well. If more cared about the following than Miley Cyrus or the Kardashians, we would be better off.


Edward Snowden is gutsy. More should be that way. Those that question what he did need to answer as to why….really why? What interests do they have for being against what he did? Shady people come from all places, parties and the reasons are mind blowing.

The CBS story on the State Dept. prostitution and drug running is just as tiny piece. Journalism IS alive.

The BIGGEST problem among the American people, including many of the talking heads is that they understand part of it, but not all of it. There’s still so much denial in so many things, mainly due to blind loyalty to parties or certain people they believe to be decent. A lot of attention is placed on the President, because he has his foot on the gas and floored, BUT, it goes to other people on both sides. It’s just not as noticeable, because they SEEM different. Be cautious of those so loyal to their Republicans and Democrats alike. This shit is DEEP and far and goes way back.

I have ZERO agenda. You can’t label me or put me in a box. Some try to say I’m this or that…. I am not. I seek the truth. People SAY they want truth, but only to a certain degree. Many hit a wall, where they deny certain things. The only way things get solved is to really, truly realize everything….not just bits and pieces. It can be somewhat uncomfortable once you get ALL of it.


I love America, liberty, the American people.


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