The Right/Left Paradigm


It’s all corrupt. It amazes me how so many are blindly loyal to their party or people, because they believe everything.

There are decent people in both parties, but for the most part, they’re on the take and involved in things deeper than scandals we see and hear. Do your own research. Dig. Find. Search. Seek. Many things are classified, but a lot is not and you can see it for yourself.

The key to DC and these talking heads on both sides is to keep arguing with each other and it’s a perfect distraction. The American public believe all the bullshit.

What drives me nuts is the following:

The Right loves their Republicans. Blind loyalty. Just because it’s the party. They think it’s only the President and his cabinet that’s the problem…it is NOT. Deniers.

The Left loves their Democrats. Blind loyalty. Again, just because of party. They think it’s the evil Republicans keeping this great President from doing great things. Gag. Bush was horrible and this guy is worse.
If you say he’s not, then you are in fantasy land. Both we’re/are rotten with certain things they have done. Deniers.

2016 will give us Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. MORE of the same. All-corrupt bullshit with a different public face. Look up history on the Bush family…way back to Prescott and his associations. Look up history on the Clinton’s,  especially the Arkansas airstrip CIA activities prior to him being President.

Sad and pathetic.

I get so many private messages on various social media where some  will call me this or that. I will NOT play that game. Let me tell you this, as I have said MANY times… I’m not anybody’s bitch. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I agree with a few things of both, but disagree with a lot more of BOTH.

Here’s the deal… I will not be labeled or put in a box. EVER. With. ANYTHING. I don’t care who you marry. You can marry an ardvark, if you wish. I may not like abortion, but I’m not a woman. It’s not my body and you know what? If you do that, it’s on you. You have to live with that. So be it. I love women in many ways, so I’m not sexist. I like all races. I am fiscally responsible and wish the government was the same. I care about the economy and jobs. I’m all for Capitalism, but NOT corporatism….way different. When power players, major corporations, foreign and domestic banks etc get in bed with government, which there are, MANY problems arise. I do not like ANY special interest groups lobbying DC. NONE. It is not good, but bad. It all leads to corruption, which it is. I’ve got nothing to hide, but am against any of this surveillance of the American public on any kind of grand scale, which it is. It’s not about having nothing to hide. Oh, but it’s for our security. Go ahead, believe that if you must. Some people are so weak minded. I am all about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, but you cannot put me in some space to treat me like a turd….EVER. I love America.

Many of the talking heads are also corrupt. It’s just the way it is. The few…very few, that act like they know the real deal, only get part of it. Even the ones who talk about it as both parties being the problem, only get part of it. The reason: Because A-They’re also corrupt B-They know all of it, but deny parts of it….and why is that? What’s their agenda? C-They don’t know much at all and are morons. Quite a few of these talking heads attack and label and slam certain people who know more about what’s really going on. Why? Always ask why? I see it from many. Dirty, sleazy all-corrupt talking heads…both sides. $$$$$$$$

Go to my Important Post a while back. Just do your own research.


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