I’ve been very busy on many levels recently, but whether good or bad (and it’s been both), I always strive to enjoy things, which I do.

I had to have my old Kindle Fire replaced with a new one. Everything was still there, but ONE thing. A very important thing. It’s something I’ve never really done until recently and that’s a diary of sorts. I called it a Life Journal. I had so many deep, genuine thoughts on anything and everything. People. Places. Things. Life in every way. Gone. So…. I’m thinking about making this Random Thoughts blog a little more revealing. It would certainly be entertaining and at times, shocking.

Revealing things has never been too much of a problem for me. Doing radio since I was 14 and a stint in the 90’s with television too, you learn how to reveal. Be a storyteller. The main thing is having an opinion and giving your thoughts. I’m glad to be back as just a fan of television and radio.

I’ve done it somewhat on here. While doing the media work, I was always very active on social media. I’m still there, but I don’t post a million times a day on Facebook and the rest. I love Twitter, but I like info. I’ve always thought it was narcissistic to post all day and night. Social media is the perfect thing for those with Me disease. It’s all about me. You know it’s true and if you don’t….could you be one? It happens. A recent study claims the narcissist social media ways is true. I still enjoy it… It’s a love/hate thing. I am the one to be in control of me….not IT. I love my life and all I do more without worrying about posting some bullshit. I take MANY pics at many things I do, but I’ll share those with people personally…not on social media, unless I decide. The same with video and audio. The whole “if you don’t share it, then it didn’t didn’t happen” thing is bullshit and goes PERFECTLY into what I said about being in control. Case made. 🙂 Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to do many great things, but it’s like an ego trip posting the stuff. It’s my decision and one I like.

So, some of my future postings on Random Thoughts may be more of what I already do…but, sometimes bigger…could be smaller. It will certainly be even more personal.

Life, love, family, relationships, my kids.

Some may like my entertainment type, pop culture stuff and others may like when I do some news or sports oriented posts, while I do quite a few posts about the political b.s. machine in America. I have opinions on all.

Real. Fun. Honest.

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