Indiana. It’s a state that means a lot to me. I was born in Muncie, raised in Huntington, spent most of the 90’s living and working in Fort Wayne, during my youth…spent a lot of time in Marion and Wabash. After being away for many years, I returned a few years ago and it still is special to me.

A FEW things I enjoy about Indiana:

I think (because with politics, it can be hot & cold) we have a decent Governor in Mike Pence. I can’t say many nice things about some of the other bigger political names, so I won’t say anything.

Indianapolis Colts.

Indiana Pacers.

Indianapolis as a whole…the people, the great buildings, downtown, the growth.

Indianapolis Zoo.

A few famous Hoosiers: David Letterman, Axl Rose, John Mellencamp, David Lee Roth, Michael and the Jacksons, James Dean…none of them just mediocre, but huge in their impact.

Indiana is perfect for families.

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

The great parks throughout the state.

Fort Wayne Komets.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants.

Fort Wayne Tin Caps.

Fort Wayne Derby Girls.

Indiana Beach.

The Deck at Hall’s in Fort Wayne.

Nick’s Kitchen, Z-Place Pizza and the Drive-In in Huntington.

The Honeywell Center in Wabash.

Splash House in Marion.

Fort Wayne’s Headwaters Park.

Indiana University, Purdue University, Notre Dame etc.

Most of the great restaurants in downtown Fort Wayne.

Q95 Indy.

Klipsch in Noblesville.

Sweetwater in Fort Wayne.

Debrand’s in Fort Wayne.

There’s so many to mention, but that’s a few.


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