It’s My Life: NY Tabloid Papers, OCD, Cologne and Bats Singing Batman

I’ve got everything all set for my kids visit in July. I’m very excited!

I find myself going to the History channel more than others. If it’s about Presidential history, secret societies, evil, God, the Devil, Hitler, Nostradamas, the mafia, ancient aliens, UFO’s or Bigfoot…count me in.

Freakin’ awesome: Bats singing the 60’s Batman theme!

I always enjoy looking online at the New York tabloid papers, NY Post and the NY Daily News, if anything, just to see the front page headline. The weirder, the better.

I’ve got OCD. I’m not one who washes my hands a hundred times or checks the doors over and over. I keep shit fucking clean, not one of those hoarders. I’m not at Monk level, but it sucks.

Edward Snowden. So, now they are going to charge him with espionage. I really WISH that SOMEONE, ANYONE with BALLS and a functional BRAIN in the DC power structure would go after people who’ve done far worse….like some of your counterparts, peers on the take…greedy, dirty, evil…both parties, high and low. So, if surveillance of the AMERICAN people is so important, due to terrorism, why is that WE are arming and working WITH Al Qaida, the very people who you claim are the enemy???? Will SOMEONE, ANYONE answer THAT question? Shady motherfuckers, period. We are WATCHING you in DC.

We all wanna smell nice. I love the perfume on a beautiful woman. I like to be a great smelling man. My favorite cologne ever: Armani Code.

A question everyone should ask more often and demand an answer…a REAL answer, not some boogieman bullshit, the very simple….why? Sadly, most don’t care, but they should.

If you can count your friends, TRUE friends, on just one hand, you’re fine. Keep on smilin.’

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