The Greatest Radio Personalities of All Time

In MY Opinion
(This is not in any particular order)

The radio PERSONALITY means many things and there’s different kinds. There’s so many radio people I like and respect throughout history and for various reasons. The one thing they all did was entertain me, period. Evoke emotion of some kind. I could have included so many on this list, but decided to stick with those I believe are the top of the world when it comes to great radio.


Howard Stern
I’ve been a fan of Howard Stern’s since his time early on in the midwest, then DC and NYC. Not only radio, but tv, as those early E! interviews before the studio stuff, we’re great as well. Howard’s stuff on Sirius XM is excellent.

Neil Rogers
NOBODY was more real than the late, great Neil Rogers, who entertained Floridians for years. Be sure to check out some of him on YouTube. OH!!!!!

Steve Dahl
You just never knew what to expect from Steve Dahl. Nothing ever pretentious. Smart humor. Exposed the idiocy of many things. Known for the Disco Demolition, but his career is so much more than that. The Steve Dahl podcast is one of the great ones now.

Jonathan Brandmeier
Jonny B. has always had this special energy and vibe. Real, fun, honest and knows the showbiz element is important.

Ron & Ron and Ron & Fez
Ron & Ron, much like Neil Rogers, Florida broadcasting legends. So ballsy. REAL. Always entertaining. When R&R split, Ron Bennington began Ron & Fez with Fez Whatley. You can get them on Sirius XM. Funny and so damn honest.

Kevin Matthews
Brilliant. The greatest thing about Kevin Matthews is not only his array of characters, but he just doesn’t give a shit and I love the guy.

Opie & Anthony
Nothing is sacred. Anything goes. They always speak their minds. Funny shit.

Danny Bonaduce
Most know him as a former tv star, but his stuff on the radio is excellent. Why? Because Danny Bonaduce holds NOTHING back…an open book. So real. Fearless.

Tom Leykis
The big-balled bastard is doing absolutely funny, real, honest stuff on his show, now more than ever, because he is free to say whatever the fuck he wants and he does. Get the TuneIn app just to hear Tom. Incredible.

Bob & Tom
I grew up listening to Bob & Tom, based in Indy. Real life stuff. Always funny.

Garry Meier
Many years spent as a co-host to Steve Dahl, but Garry is doing quite well on his own, taking regular stories and giving them his twist. Nice interaction with callers.

One of the great things about Mancow is his way with words. He’s a master storyteller. Interesting interviews too.

The Greaseman
The bits of the Grease got him plenty of heat over the years, but he always had people talking.

Bubba The Love Sponge
Indiana guy, based in Florida. Just says what he thinks.


Scott Shannon, Rick Dees, Human Numan, Elvis Duran, Scott McKenzie, Greg Thunder, Alan Kabel, Cubby, Jay Thomas, Spyder Harrison, Sean Hollywood Hamilton, Ty Bentli, Carson Daly, Kevin & Bean, Larry Lujack, Broadway Bill Lee, Gary Bryan, Ross Brittain, Dave Ryan, John Records Landecker, Whitney Allen, Chris Leary, Valentine, AJ Hammer, Welch & Woody, Matt Alan, Gary Spears, Chio, Jack DaWack, Kid Kelly, Dave Smiley, Walter Winchell, Blair Garner, Ryan Seacrest, Johnjay & Rich, Kennedy, Eddie & Jobo, Rocky Allen, Jay Baker, Carl Rock & Roll Russo, Ace Cosby, George McFly, Jojo Morales, Jamie White, Don Imus, Jon Rock & Roll Anthony, Phlash Phelps, Jojo Kincaid, Don Geronimo, Mike O’Meara, John Lander, Rodney B, Richard Blade, Madison, Eddie Trunk, Mark & Brian, Ed Lover, Bruce Vidal, Jed The Fish, Dick Clark, Sluggo, Larry King, Kat Corbett, Monsters, Stryker, Alan Freed, Clyde Lewis, Paul Castronovo, Ron Brewer, Ace & TJ, Domino, Casey Kasem, Art Bell, Shadoe Stevens, Fuckface, Bob Rivers, Shotgun Tom, Wolfman Jack, Stinkyfinger, Brother Wease, Jim Kerr, Laura Steele, Jonathan Clarke, Kidd Kraddick, Georgie Rogers, Lou Brutus, Enormous Dick Cannon, Hawk Harrison, Motormouth, Supersnake, Eddie Fingers, Matty, Ruby Cheeks, Chris Booker, Rusty Cox, Salamander, Numbnuts, Captain Battlesack, Swirly, Junglehump
and Clowncrack.

This is only a few. I love these fuckers!

Radio I enjoy:

#1 is London’s Xfm. Georgie Rogers. Hot shit!!! I love her.

Sirius XM. Many…Howard! Human Numan, Spyder on Sirius Hits.Sirius XMU. I really like Lithium. Classic Rewind. I dig my hard rock and metal too with Eddie Trunk. Madison and her fun, snarky ass on First Wave.

Tom Leykis and all of his stuff. He has a great enterprise.

I really like…KROQ, Amazing Radio, Absolute Radio, Indie Pop Rocks from soma fm, BBC, Capitol, Indie 103.1.

I do enjoy some greatest hits stuff when the mood hits from CBS-FM and KEarth.

Q104.3, especially Out Of The Box.

Not as much as I used to, but still like…Z100, KTU, WPLJ, KIIS.


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