Greatest Movie Stars Of All Time

It’s my opinion. Mostly newer stars and when I say that, I mean over the past 30 years or so, but trying to include some of the older stars. I really enjoy the classic, vintage Hollywood films, so I’m just letting you know. There’s probably many that I won’t have on this list, but I certainly have an appreciation for most of them.

Marlon Brando
To me, probably the greatest actor ever. The Godfather is one of, if not, my favorite flick ever.

James Dean
Indiana’s own, James Dean, although three films…all are great.

Marilyn Monroe
Sex kitten personified.

Humphrey Bogart
Interesting performer.

Charlie Chaplin
You can’t help, but watch.

Jimmy Stewart
Everyman with a story.

Bette Davis
Icy cool, amazing actress.

Cary Grant
Prototype for the leading man.

Audrey Hepburn

Buster Keaton

Greta Garbo
Ooozes sex appeal.

Ingrid Bergman
I have a crush on her. Go and watch her films. So damn cute.

John Wayne
Kick ass, straight talkin’ cowboy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Johnny Depp
The array of work he’s done varies so much. Most of it is fantastic.

Clint Eastwood
I enjoy all of his films.

Merle Streep
Incredible knack for knowing her characters.

Tom Hanks
So many great flicks. I still think Forrest Gump is his greatest work.

Julia Roberts
Pretty Woman.

Al Pacino
The fucking greatest.

Nicolas Cage
Interesting roles.

George Clooney
Knows how to get you into the story with his character.

Sly Stallone
Rocky and Rambo. Enough said.

Denzel Washington
Excellent actor. My favorite role of his is that of Frank Lucas in American Gangster.

Bruce Willis
Die Hard series is something I like.

Kurt Russell
Those Escape flicks are well done.

Jack Nicholson
Forever Hip.

Robert DeNiro
So damn real.

Will Smith
Once in a while he stars in a mindblowing gem.

Henry Cavill
Superman himself, Man of Steel. We will see more of him.

Charleton Heston
Always convincing in every role.

Christian Bale
Batman himself, The Dark Knight, but he’s so much more than that.

Hugh Jackman
It can be anything and I think he can fit the role. He is one of those that can do whatever and make it believable.

Sandra Bullock
Beauty. Real. Sweet. Funny.

Matt Damon
The Bourne series.

I could put many more, but this is enough.


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