Greatest Music Stars Of All Time

It’s my opinion. Also, it includes all genres and I like a lot. This is not in any particular order. There’s many I like that aren’t on here, but I just picked my favorites for different reasons and some I like more than others. I’m much more of a rock person and all forms of rock, but will do pop, urban, country etc once in a while.

The King was always willing to try different things. He was what I call a trifecta superstar…there’s the music, the movies, tv specials. My favorite Elvis song is probably Suspicious Minds, but I like Little Sister a lot too.

Little Richard
There’s the over the top sizzle, but he also had the steak….the talent.

Buddy Holly
I think the greatest hits of Buddy Holly might be some of the greatest songs ever. Well crafted and constructed.

Chuck Berry
I had the chance to be a part of a weekend festival in the 90’s, where the radio station I worked for at the time helped to present the festivities. I had always heard the rumors, but it’s true…Chuck Berry drove his cadillac from St. Louis to Indiana and had Lucille in hand. Performance in one word: WOW! Any place he performs, the local promoters get some great musicians together and be his band and when he hits the stage, you better know his songs. I dig Chuck Berry a lot. He is a legend among the legends.

Jerry Lee Lewis
The Killer is a character, but it’s not an act. Great Balls of Fire is such a fun song. The way he plays that piano, you can tell he is on a mission and that is to entertain, almost go nuts, kick the seat back. The Killer is a thriller.

The Beatles
John, Paul, George & Ringo. My favorite band, period. So influencial. They did more in their songs, top to bottom, than anyone had done up to that point when they hit and in many ways, we’re more creative than many even now. I like all of their solo stuff too. John & Paul get most of the talk, but George was so talented and may be my favorite Beatle. Ringo, believe it or not, his solo singles we’re the bigger hits. Favorite Beatles song is A Day In The Life.

The Rolling Stones
R&B had a baby and called it rock & roll. Nobody understood this more than the Stones. Their love and influence of urban music is certainly in the vibe in much of the Rolling Stones material. Favorite Stones song is Gimme Shelter.

The Beach Boys
Cool, breezy harmonies. The Beach Boys songs, for the most, are fun, but my favorite ones are those that make you think and they had those too. Favorite Beach Boys song is In My Room.

Marvin Gaye
THE Motown Superstar in my opinion. Such a great singer and songwriter.

The Doors
The Whisky house band with a couple of film students turned out to be quite the band. Everything came together well musically for The Doors. Jim Morrison’s poetic vocals, Ray’s organ, Robbie’s guitar and John’s drums. They had a different vibe about them. I dig The Doors a lot. Jim has obviously influenced everyone from Glenn Danzig to Ian from The Cult. Favorite Doors song is Moonlight Drive.

Johnny Cash
The REAL deal in country music. It’s something, sadly, country doesn’t really have anymore, for the most part. Country should be more REAL like Johnny, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard etc. Instead its taken more of a fake pop route. I like those that have lived some life and have stories to tell. The man in black. Much respect.

The Supremes
Diana Ross & The Supremes had some great Motown tunes.

Led Zeppelin
One of my favorite bands. I love ALL of their stuff and LOUD. I enjoy Robert Plant’s solo stuff and his other projects too.

Black Sabbath/Ozzy
I love my hard rock & heavy metal. The leaders of it…Black Sabbath.

The band has never ever compromised on anything. One of my favorite concerts. Fucking great band. I love ’em!

Van Halen
David Lee Roth and company probably led the way for the hard rock/metal mainstream explosion of the 80’s, with hair bands too. Van Halen is a great unit. Van Halen was the hard rock prototype, but most could never be Van Halen. I enjoy them a lot. I liked the Sammy years too.

Hank Williams
Senior spilled his soul for everyone. Top notch songwriter. I like Junior too and Hank Williams III is excellent as well. Senior, however, is very special. Pain equals publishing.

The Four Tops
Smooth. Very talented.

The Temptations
Slick as the shine on gold.

Sly & The Family Stone
Sly…brilliant. Timeless songs. Although from yesterday, they sound like they could be fresh today.

Rock meets theatre. The legacy of Queen is huge. Freddie Mercury is probably one of the greatest vocalists ever. Great songs.

Fleetwood Mac
Sure, a lot of drama within back then, but damn, those songs. It all worked out perfectly.

Some great classics.

Pink Floyd
Always the most interesting. Pink Floyd is an escape.

Three words: Lemmy kicks ass.

Excellent band. I’m a drummer and I think every drummer likes Rush. Neil Peart is unbelievable.

Public Enemy
Chuck D., Flava Flav, Professor Griff…. The forefathers of rap, hip-hop.

ZZ Top
Eliminator is still one of my favorite albums.

Stevie Wonder
My favorite Stevie stuff is the 70’s funky period.

Probably influenced more artists and over the years launched many others, due to being on the KISS opening slot, especially in the early days.

Taking rap mainstream. Great stuff. My favorite is Rock Box.

A lot of hits and at times, some interesting stuff. My favorite period, late 80’s-early 90’s.

Bruce Springsteen
Genuine storyteller. Great live.

Very talented. A bunch of hits. My favorite period, during the early-mid 90’s, during the Artist symbol timeframe.

Billy Idol
Just fun songs.

Peter Gabriel
Smart. Interesting percussion and the way things flow. Art come to life. So is one heck of an album, but all of his stuff is top notch.

Talking Heads
Weird, odd, strange, very arty and I dig it.

David Bowie
Influencial to many. I like a lot of his stuff, but my favorite is probably his least favorite and that’s the Let’s Dance album.

Mariah Carey
I like the earlier stuff more than the rest. You just knew when she hit with Vision of Love that she would become a star.

Guns N’ Roses
Real. Raw. Dirty. Gritty. I enjoy all of the GNR stuff. Appetite For Destruction is probably in my top 5 albums.

Phil Collins
Through the 80’s, Phil Collins had some great stuff. I prefer the more rock/pop side of Phil than some of the ballady/Disney side. Plus, what a great drummer.

Beastie Boys
Innovative in many ways.

One of my favorite concerts. I’ve seen them several times over the years. I like most all of their stuff, especially the Black album and before. I l loved Kill ‘Em All and my favorite Metallica album is And Justice For All because they we’re so pissed.

I had my eye on Seattle through the 80’s because of so many great artists…Greeen River, Mudhoney, The Melvins, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone etc. When Nirvana came out with Bleach on SubPop, I thought…these guys could breakout huge. When Nevermind came out on Geffen, the masses loved them. One word: Special.

Tight. Heavy. I dig most all of their stuff.

Pearl Jam
Although they hit during the grunge period, Pearl Jam is very much a classic rock sounding band and I mean that as a compliment. Ten is one great album.

Real. Just says what he thinks. I appreciate that. Great songs. Genuine.

Innovators. Masters of many things. They did several things and did them very well. Much of the nu metal landscape owes Anthrax, due to the rock/rap hybrid.

I liked U2 from the beginning, way before people jumped on the bandwagon. To me, their best stuff is still the earlier material.

I like the earlier stuff more.

Many textures to REM. Always willing to try things. They did them well.

Faith No More
One of my favorite bands ever. Great musicians. Mike Patton is one of my favorite singers. The Real Thing is one of my favorite albums ever.

Alice In Chains
One of my favorite, if not THE favorite, Seattle band. I still love. AIC now, but nothing is as great as the haunting vocals of the incredible, Layne Staley. Love all their stuff. Real. Deep. Honest.

I could probably go on with many more, but I think these are my main ones. I have a lot of great artists from over the past 12 years or so,
but I’m not putting them on this list…yet.


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