It’s My Life: Leo’s, Twitter & Political Correctness

One thing to remember about us Leo’s: We prefer upfront cunts, instead of behind your back cunts. It goes for everyone in life….personally or professionally. Just be real. Most don’t get that. We never forget.

I actually got on MySpace earlier and I’m not sure what to think. I rarely even use Facebook anymore. Twitter I still enjoy. My one Twitter gripe is those that follow and being polite, I follow back, only for them to unfollow. People that do that follow/unfollow crap are HUGE fucking pussies. 🙂 Let’s tweet….Follow me, I’ll follow back and I DON’T unfollow like these dicks that do that. Hilarious. Follow me on Twitter here

Political Correctness. Enough of the PC bullshit. If people would actually CARE about the real insane stuff going on everywhere instead of pc crap. It gets so tiring. People ARE dumb and SAY and DO dumb things, BUT guess what’s worse? People that don’t pay attention to real problems. One day they’ll all say collectively, “what the fuck is going on” and I’ll just shake my head with other smart people.

Zesto ice cream is it.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.


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