Saving America

A few things before I get into this….

1-The Right/Left Paradigm is a H U G E problem. Until everyone realizes that, we will continue to be in a maze of a mess, never to get out. Those Republicans/Conservatuves etc. who believe that the President is the only problem are fools. Those Democrats/Liberals that believe the President is perfect and that there’s nothing to worry about, you are fools too. The power structure, for the most part, is all corrupt. This goes for the shady people above the President and there are those.
Although, some decent people on both sides try, we can only be in a position to fix things to extent, but not all the way, due to the all corrupt apparatus. You might ask, why? Many of these people want a one world government. They WANT to crash the dollar, eventually have a society with chip implants, eye scans, all the big brother stuff you may or may not think about.

2-Power and money. Greed is evil. Good people go bad sometimes. It is so wide, far and deep. Many of the true power players who corrupt those we have to run in government, run everything, because they own it all. History doesn’t lie about intentions of those with a dark side. Even evil can have a smile, but the evil behind the curtain we never see, hear from.

3-We, as American people, believe that all of those that we elect to serve us are good, decent people and I believe in many ways, they are. The philosophies and ideals are not just about the issues the right/left always seem to enjoy arguing about while never getting anything solved. The issues are bigger, deeper and sadly, most people don’t know or care etc. Everyone has issues they care about and those on both sides will not have to worry about any of those issues if things go the way they’re going….and again, this is not about just the President, but everyone else too. I’m not for or against anyone. I just care about America, the American people, freedom, liberty etc. I’m not for this globalist takeover of America. You can be in denial, laugh, think it’s bullshit….but, we’ll see how this works out. I think they mean it.

4-We are to believe everything we are fed. Find out things for yourself. Dig deep. Read actual documents. Find declassified papers…your eyes will bug out. If you see two animals getting it on….they’re getting it on. Sometimes things are not an illusion.

5-The fear of the boogieman. Those that give up freedom for security, deserve neither. Doesn’t ANYONE find it weird that our government talks about terrorists and the danger we are in, yet we arm and work with those very exact terrorists. A clue to those who want to figure some of this out… The power players (the real ones with true power and money) believe that you create a tragic event, blame terrorists or others we work with via alphabet groups, then take more of our liberties away, spend more money on security things (because they own and make all that too), then try to look like savoirs and decent people by protecting us. E V I L. This then can lead to wars etc., which means more money for the military industrial complex, because they own all of that too. $$$$$$ POWER $$$$$$. Now, there are real terrorists in all of this too, but it’s not always what we as people think it is nor is it the story we are fed. It is just not.Basically, with these globalist power players….it’s like mafia, but not run as well. As you can tell, they have issues with details sometimes. They make many mistakes, just pay attention. It’s problem, reaction, solution all created by one, while publicly making the storyline different.

Saving America

I think the typical Republicans and Democrats are so deep into the DC machine of all corruption. They are easily taken over. It’s either greed, weakness, blackmail or they are also evil. Take your pick. Others MUST be in debates…ALL debates, not just one or none. That is how powerful these people are…keeping others out. Then we get more of the same shit. Einstein was correct on insanity.

The election process MUST be done in a proper way. Those voting machines are too easily compromised. Besides, many of those machines are owned by some interesting people who may have an agenda. I’m not saying things are rigged, but can you say without a doubt that they are not? I know it’s old school, but I say go back to paper ballot. ALL military who vote MUST be counted….NOT, oops, we lost them, can’t find them, they didn’t get here in time. If ANYONE deserves a vote it’s those men and women who put their ass on the line for us.

Get rid of the IRS, period.

Get rid of the CFR, Trilateral Commission and anything that smells of the all corrupt agenda, but publically claiming to do nice things and with a smile.

Quit giving more of the American power to the U.N.

Treat our allies well. We have many friends in the world, big and small.

The Fed is a problem. Get it out of our life.

Our government must come clean to the American people on all of the corrupt things they do, while sending others to the pen for the same thing: Drug running, gun running etc. This list is long, but those are a couple of big ones.

Drones. They should not be in America. I don’t like drones at all, anywhere, but especially here.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights matter.

Fix the economy.

Get people back to work with plenty of decent jobs.

Get out of the war business, unless there is a legit reason for the genuine safety of America, not just because you say so. We need to stay out of others business. Protecting America, yes. Agendas or greed reasons, no.

I love America and the American people. My only wish is that the American public cared, but I don’t think most truly understand it or get it. So many things are hard to wrap our minds around and that’s the way the power players like it…bits of confusion, deception, changing the basics, making and developing the storyline….It can be a lot to follow or understand. I know history in an out…..deep history and not just the stuff we’re fed. What we are seeing happen is something that has been around forever, but it’s really moving along now. Read. Study. Learn. Figure it out on your own. When you begin to feel uncomfortable, it is THEN when you are getting close to the truth.


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