Just Speaking My Mind

Things never cease to amaze me in the sheep filled, mind controlled, zombie world.

#1…I think you should be able to marry a woman or a man. The whole same sex thing….whatever makes people happy.


I just WISH people cared more about the real all corrupt things…all very criminal things that are happening and have been for a long time. It’s from both parties, all sides. I’m nobody’s bitch, so don’t try to label me. It doesn’t work with me, because I threw away the box.

If these things continue, all of the things people think are the most important things won’t matter, because you’ll be focused on what the fuck is hapoening to you because A-You never knew, B-You knew, but blew it off or we’re in denial or C-You knew and thought you’d be alright because of loyalty to a group, party or person. It doesn’t work that way.

People are on a certain level when it comes to thinking, when they should expand their thoughts for their own future wellbeing. Be passionate about what you care about, that’s great, but if those things matter that much, you might want to put more time into the real fucking problems.

I love you, really.


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