TV, Radio, Music & Movie File

The one thing I like on E! is The Soup and now The Soup Investigates. Funny crap! Joel McHale is a great host. I have always liked it.

There’s so many things I like about Sirius XM. #1: Howard Stern, but I like it for many reasons because I like a lot of different things… Whether it’s Human Numan or Spyder on Hits1, Madison and Richard Blade on First Wave, Eddie Trunk on Hair Nation, Drew Carey on the Underground Garage, Mark Goodman on Classic Rewind, Opie & Anthony, Ron & Fez…REAL fucking personalities. I enjoy my indie stuff once in a while, so SiriusXMU plays often. SiriusXM.

Don Henley talks forthcoming release.

Phil Collins has a book about the Alamo.

This goes back awhile, but it’s a Madonna/Prince duet.

I’m ready for some Peter Gabriel material. Until then, here’s of my favorite Peter Gabriel classics.

Listen to some fresh Franz Ferdinand singles.

Modest Mouse is working on a new album.

New Guns N’ Roses album is almost complete. I’m just glad we won’t have to wait for years and years, like with Chinese Democracy.

Watch a documentary on Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher’s latest band.

Elysium starring Matt Damon trailer.

Escape Plan with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone trailer.

Red 2 with Bruce Willis trailer.

Here we are in summer, but for a great look at Fall TV, Music and Movies….be sure to check out:

TV: TheFutonCritic

Music: PauseAndPlay

Movies: JoBlo

Me Elsewhere….



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