Real Love

Love is an interesting thing.

I’ve often said that love is a drug. It’s not so much for me now, but it has before. I do believe in love. It does exist. I’ve experienced being in love (or so I thought) many times. I love great sex, as we all should. Love is different. The one happens, the other not so much. Searching for that feeling of love can be a fucker. I always believe that IF it’s meant to happen, it will, if not, just keep having great sex, which is fine. I love that, but it would be nice for that someone special.

I’ve been married and divorced twice. Live & learn. I’m not sure I’d ever do that again, but a committed friend and lover would be more than nice. You just never know.

I’ve been going on dates, having fun, enjoying life. There have been a few close calls, where I’ve thought, this one could be something. My bullshit detector is in perfect condition and if I get a hint of nutbag, I’ve already checked out. I like wild…crazy, but not into mentally fucked up. Too much drama. This Leo has a zero drama policy. Many women I meet have certain near perfect qualities, but the things that are a mess are killers. I like smart, sexy, logical, honest, funny, real, fun… Rare to get all of that. I’m a fucking trooper. I comb and graze the landscape of the ladies…scoping out the ones who trick my trigger. My two triggers are…my cock and my brain. If they can work those, we’re on a path. It can go off the road, if they assume, act like a lunatic or go from bitch to cunt in zero time. Then it’s adios, cya later. I’m too honest for most. See….most all people say they like honesty, but not really. Most women say, I’m not like all the rest, but, most are just that. Anybody can talk, but to do is a different thing. Fuck, in this day and age, many can’t even talk. It’s the whole world of not actually speaking anymore. I like to TALK. Great conversation makes things better. Laughing. I’m a different animal in many ways. I don’t mean this in a cocky way, but I don’t know anybody like me. I mean…in the way I think. I live by three words: real, fun, honest.

I love life.

Anything is possible.


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