TV, Radio, Music & Movie File

Roseanne has another tv deal with NBC.

Jim Gaffigan has tv deal with CBS, plus just inked a deal for another book. His latest is very funny, Dad Is Fat.

I’m a huge fan of Frank Caliendo and all of his previous tv time with Hype, Mad, Frank TV and the NFL broadcasts. Someone should give him his own tv series or he would be great on Sirius XM radio. Over the years, he’s always been excellent on the radio too.

Pics from the final days of Seinfeld.

I enjoy all kinds of stuff, which includes my hard rock and metal stuff. I like VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show. Not only is he on tv, but I always catch Eddie Trunk weekly on Q104.3 via iHeartRadio (it’s on at the moment of this posting) and also his other radio gig on Sirius XM. Eddie Trunk is always a great storyteller, has a passion for this stuff and speaks his mind. Much respect.

Mariah Carey’s Beautiful remixed.

Sammy Hagar announces Sammy and Friends album.

See the incredible David Lynch directed video of nine inch nails Came Back Haunted.

Emmaline is the real deal.

Pearl Jam is working on a new album.

The Pixies new song, Bag Boy.

A band I dig a lot and would like to see become bigger, The Last Shadow Puppets.

Eminem talks drug addiction in documentary.

Amanda Seyfried showing some leg on Lovelace poster.

Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac trailer.

Prisoners trailer with Hugh Jackman.

Captain Planet flick in the works.

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