It’s Always A Distraction

As I’ve stated many times, the right/left paradigm is just a distraction. All the fighting. It’s dogs chasing cats in a yard. It’s the same thing over & over. It keeps you occupied. If you’re bitching and complaining about the other side, they can do more things to fuck us all up…both big and small. And that’s just for those that pay a little attention. Most don’t know, don’t care etc. But, they SHOULD.

Nothing will EVER be solved, until people realize the many things above it all, on another level. It’s like a building with several floors. Most people spend time looking at the floor they think is the problem,when it’s actually bigger. It’s not about any one person or party, because both parties are in the same pool. It may seem like they are different, due to certain issues, but they have to keep the distraction going. It’s like  a film, everyone plays a role. Look at it like that and maybe you can see where I’m going. People play this game, day and night…. I see it on FB and Twitter from people on both sides and I just shake my head, because NOBODY GETS IT. F U C K. Some do, but very few and those that do…don’t see the WHOLE picture…some say they do and it’s not accurate all the way…they want to pick and choose what works for them….Those that know, even if it’s some and not all, are usually smeared by people with a disinfo agenda. Divide and conquer.

It’s all about distractions.

Whether it’s political junkies (who THINK they know it all) fighting with each other.

Whether it’s people so addicted to social media.

Sports fans who think only sports 24/7.

Whether it’s people obssessed with celeb gossip…Perez Hilton, TMZ.

Whether it’s video games.

Whether it’s television.

Whether it’s shopping.

Whether it’s music and movies. I love music and movies, but I’m not a complete fucking zombie sucked into only that.

ALL of this is by design. It’s like us giving a chew toy to a pet. We get all this because it’s a distraction. Those that want us distracted love it because people obey and people love it too, because, it’s only entertainment. 🙂

You are playing your role well. They want you to never pay attention and when I say pay attention….I mean really pay attention, not the talking heads who tell you the story that is “official” or most media…both right and left media are both compromised.

Find stuff out on your own.

If you want an idea what REALLY happens behind the curtain…you can get a glimpse from Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. Shocking? Yes! Unbelievable? Yes! It doesn’t show everything, but it gives you an idea. It’s legit. Is it bullshit? No! It makes it easier to get away with, because who the fuck would believe THAT?!? Exactly.


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