Social Media Is Great and Horrible

I’ve got a love/hate thing with social media.

I love all the concepts, interaction, connecting and having a bond with people. #1 is the people. I do like the great communication between people. The idea of all of it is excellent. I’m all about the future and being forward thinking with the various platforms. Being an info. junkie, I get a lot from social media.

I hate most of the shady things, business models, the ways many of these companies run things and the shady people they work with. It’s not all of them, but many. See, if it’s all used the way it should, it’s excellent. If it’s used in a bullshit way, it’s rotten. I think most people are absolutely addicted to social media, which is by design. It is what it is. I enjoy a lot of it, but I am the one to be in control of my life, not social media. I do so many things, enjoying my life, but I do what I WANT, not what social media wants. So many people spend their lives putting every single pic, video, audio and a status every few minutes. You…have a problem. It’s got you where it wants you. 🙂 Who runs your life? You…or is the constant thing telling you that you must post something, anything!?! To be clear… I do quite a bit here, a few things on FB, but not as much and Twitter is enjoyable. I just don’t obsess every single fucking minute, like many do.

I love you, regardless.

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