Maintaining Relationships

I’m a different kind of person. I don’t know anybody quite like me. That’s not meant in some arrogant way, but just that my thinking about things is so deep, far and wide. I’m an open book. Whether good or bad, I’ll say it….even if it’s about me. I’ve thrown away the box. I’m not in a corner. I don’t wear labels. I’m nobody’s bitch.

This is me, basically: Real. Fun. Honest. Zero drama. Works hard. Plays hard. I love my family…my kids, folks, brother. Responsible. Realist.

Being someone so real…well, some love it, but most hate it. I see it more and more. I’m a loving, caring guy, but I’m always honest. I have zero agenda. I speak truth. Not brutal, but just real.

People try to figure me out, because most people think in terms of labeling or wanting to tag me with something. You just can’t with me.

Friendship matters. Relationships matter. I’m a great friend and a kick ass person, but as time goes on, I realize that people just don’t like truth…about damn near anything.

Part of the confusion people have with me is this…
-I can discuss hard and heavy subjects, which interest me and I’m also into the light, fluffy entertainment and pop culture stuff. They don’t really go together, so the people that like one, don’t like the other. Both are passions of mine. The important things everyone should care about and the other is just stuff I enjoy.

-The right/left paradigm is a distraction. Liberal’s think I’m some conservative and Conservative’s think I’m some liberal. I’m not either. Both sides are all corrupt. There are great people with both, but this monster is huge and a problem. I’m all about America and the American people, period. Most people ARE sheep.

-My tastes vary in all the genres of music and movies. That too fucks with people. Most people seem to be snobbish and stick to one thing. To me, there’s good and there’s bad. If there should be any labeling, it should be that. A LOT would be in the bad group. Disposable garbage. Truly good things are rare.

-I’m 110% Leo. I love great sex. I love beautiful women. So what!?! Sometimes people give me shit for my sexual animal attitude, but I’m fun and the only time I’m a beast is in bed. Big deal. I never hear complaints from those who know.

-Assumptions. People assume way too much. Assumptions get people in trouble. Think. Really think. Just don’t think of things that aren’t accurate. The things people should spend time thinking about, they don’t.

Being a good man/bad boy is who I am. I love life. Huge heart.

I’ll always be in control of me.

I will always speak my mind.

I do what I want.

If more people would just be real, not fake and get out of their mind controlled, zombie-like sheep state, everything would be better, but most don’t get it and I’m not going to dumb myself down for anyone. I know just by saying this, some are wanting to label me. I just shake my head. To the few that do get it….much appreciation to you.


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