It’s My Life: My Kids, Logic, TV, Kissing, Deer, Radio, Music, Movies

#1 in my world: my kids. I’m a proud parent.

I do enjoy Parks & Rec. It makes me laugh. The Ron Swanson character is one of the funniest on television.

Whatever happened to logic? If anyone knows, let me know.

I’m not sure what it means, but I own every piece of music and every movie on Entertainment Weekly’s 100 Greatest of All Time lists. Freak, maybe? Probably.

I love to kiss. Not some fucked up, sloppy, fish fucking kiss. Real, hot, gentle kissing.

I swear, some of the deer I’ve seen lately are on roids. Holy hell.

I find it interesting when radio experts discuss radio and debate all the issues of the radio world. I think all the sizzle is great, but the steak better be there. I like all the technology, if used properly. I think the more devices, platforms, access, content etc. the better. I think all the social media stuff is great for media and should be used. B U T, regardless of the transmission and transportation of the broadcast to the listener, it’s STILL the radio, whether it’s on a phone, computer, device, whatever. The NUMBER ONE THING should ALWAYS be this: You better be fucking entertaining. Whatever it is that is your “specialty,” it better be entertaining. Through all the changes, the ONE constant in ANY form of entertainment, better be that you are entertaining. The way you entertain does change with times, but the value of ENTERTAINMENT is the fucking same. People like to be entertained, whether you are REAL, FUN, HONEST, FUNNY….whatever.


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