TV, Radio, Music & Movie File

The best of tv’s The Sopranos here.

Is radio telling a strong enough story?

Bill Cosby would like you to take part in the battle of the Cosby sweaters.

Why is every major tv company wanting to merge? Although, I do get it, I personally feel that this could be a problem for television, just like radio. I’m all for more, bigger expansion, more areas of branding and exposing content, but if it’s all done properly. It usually leads the ax swinging eventually, because, most don’t know how to deal with money issues.

Another Beck song.

A fun look at Jimmy Stewart.

Jack Black with another web series.

The Virginmarys Running For My Life.

Natalia Kills is getting some buzz with Saturday Night.

Be sure to check out Ilise.

Little Steven has these gals signed to his label, they are The Lauderettes.

Details on John Mayer’s Paradise Valley.

New trailer for Brian DePalma’s Passions with Rachel McAdams and Noomi Repace.

Another M.I.A. song, Only 1 U.

More pics and footage for The Wolverine.

Talk about Pacific Rim.

1978 screen test for Boba Fett.


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