TV, Radio, Music & Movie File

24 returns to FOX in 2014, but here’s a fun thing from a few years ago…Kiefer Sutherland gets quizzed on 24.

Independence Day 4th of July tv marathons for the whole holiday weekend.

The sexy Maggie Siff talks her SOA character, Tara.

Television’s future.

Radio is not a brand piece. My take: All of the things that make up your radio station/stations/channel/network…are your brand, because at the very core, the heartbeat, of the radio, is the entertainment/content etc., which better come from your unique hosts and talent and whatever else you do. So much is shared by everyone, so the people you have, as I always say, better be entertaining. The phone, device, web, social media, anything technology wise is EXCELLENT, but you have to be ENTERTAINING (and that could be many things), period. A restaurant can have a menu that spits out gold, but if the food makes you sick, you’re fucked. Some people DO get it, but most do not. Radio’s problems are self-inflicted on MANY levels.

Here’s what Peter Gabriel is doing.

Listen to The Chills Molten Gold.

Watch a clip of the monster flick, Beneath.

Looking at summer blockbuster posters in history, the American version and others.

Benecio Del Toro as drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, in Paradise Lost.

MTV’s Animated Rock Stories with Matt Pinfield.

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