It’s All About Connecting The Dots

The things we see, hear and read…some is real, some is fake. It can be a bit confusing. Most don’t know or care, many shut down, because it’s all difficult to wrap your mind around. There’s so much disinfo working the people on every level. We believe that people who claim (and publicly seem to be) good are good, but some are not, bad is more like it. Many of these heavier type things I discuss once in a while via these Random Thoughts are subjects and topics I’ve studied for years. It’s not about right or left, that paradigm is a distraction. I have friends that are both Democrat and Republican and most of them dismiss and refuse to believe, accept or completely understand what the heck I’m talking about. It happens. The true powers that be want discourse, arguments, fighting back & forth, blaming each other. People need to look a little higher when trying to figure it all out. I’m not meaning in a religious way (although, I get it, if that’s your thing), but the actual people truly running the whole damn show….all of it. It’s all well crafted, by design and has been in motion for a long time. There’s so many aspects to it. Find out things for yourself. Dig…read ACTUAL documents, go directly to the source on things, books etc. They WANT people to be busy with their own things and not paying attention….truly paying attention….not just taking what’s fed to them….from anyone, including me. Always find out for yourself. Be curious about all of it. Watch. Listen. Read. Knowledge helps us.

You have to realize that things aren’t always as they seem. People aren’t always as they seem. Yet, sometimes they’re exactly what it seems.

There’s so many things I could share and may, but here is one thing everyone should view….and all the way through.

Former CIA intelligence officer and pilot, Chip Tatum, and a few others shown in this too. I’ve done a lot of research on this guy and he is legit.

People and things to research and from it will come the mess we are in. It’s all by a calculated design.


Adam Weishaupt

The Illuminati through history

The secret societies that are the Illuminati

The Jesuits black pope and their ways, which are very dark

It all connects like dots once you begin to realize everything. It goes way back, but we’re at a very interesting time in history where it’s going at a very quick pace. It’s not the change people think. It’s not about political parties or any of the distractions they want you to believe. They don’t want you to know the truth. It’s deep, far and wide. The ones who are decent people are blackmailed through hooke tree s, drugs or other things. The rest are a part of the master plan, regardless of the public face and how they may or may not agree on things. It’s all roles in a dangerous play. They are all just playing their roles.

Do NOT play their game of the right/left paradigm. Think. They are all (well, most) master thinkers. Outhink them. They think the American people are idiots and will never figure it all out. So far, they are correct, because most don’t have any clue and that’s the way they like it.

Again, for the record…. I have zero agenda. I’m someone who just cares about America and the people. I’m not going to play their politics…right/left game, because it’s ALL corrupt…top to bottom. I’m nobody’s bitch. I can’t be labeled or put in a box. They ENJOY the people arguing about everything, because it’s all a distraction. People on BOTH sides need to realize that it’s not just the other guys and gals….you need to look at your guys and gals too. ALL OF THEM.

On that note…Keep it real. Love your family. Be nice if you can.


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