A Few Radio Favorites

Well, radio has always been my career since I was fourteen. I was Zack Skyler nearly that whole time until I scrapped it. I got rid of my Zack Skyler social media stuff a while ago. Many say I killed my brand, since I had a nice following. Maybe so, but David is Zack and Zack is David. It’s just a name. Still the same me…real, fun and honest. I did television in Indy (taped on weekends) for a period too during the 90’s along with radio in Fort Wayne at the same time. I worked for several stations over the years and was in Orlando for many years, Minneapolis and others. I had fun. I enjoyed it. It’s all still a passion. I’m having fun doing other things I enjoy, but will always be a fan…of some things and for various reasons.

I may make this a regular thing, because I have many favorites.

Here’s a few of my radio favorites:
(These can be found via iHeartRadio or TuneIn)

Q104.3’s Out Of The Box.

98.7’s New Music Show.

Indie 1031’s Our Time Is Now.

KROQ’s Locals Only.

Xfm London….All of it.


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