Pieces Of History That Leads To Now

It’s not a conspiracy, if it is truth. Their own words. Their own writings. Their own rituals. Their own actions. Their own plans. Their own design.

It’s NOT about right and left, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal. That IS what they want and IS what most do, because we are conditioned to think that way. It’s what we see and hear on the surface. It’s the things we’re fed from ALL of them, even those that claim to know what’s going on. Even those only pick and choose what suits them. They are in denial of certain things. Until it all becomes clear…then something can be done. It’s like this…It’s hard to fix all that needs to be fixed when every portion of government has powerful elements that are corrupt. Those than can fix and solve the problems are either stopped in their tracks or they are also corrupt, while publicly displaying a different, friendly, helping face. You’ve got the corrupt secretive, power structure and they bring others in via money, sex, threats, blackmail etc.

We all have our issues that we care about, BUT, none of that will matter if everything completely destructs.

My #1 thing is America and the American people. I care about us. ALL of us.

The right wants to focus on the President and his cabinet and Democrats. I get it, BUT, it’s more than just that.

The left wants to focus on those rich Republicans. I get it, BUT it’s more than that.

Do your own research. Watch. Listen. Read. Many things are directly from their own documents.

The Illuminati shit is real. People sometimes laugh about it or think it’s nothing. It is something. It’s been in process since the 1700’s. The ideals go back further, but the constructed plan came about right around 1776, the time of our Independence. Basically, it’s like this: It’s a globalist agenda. One world government. New World Order. Their plan from the beginning is gathering the wealthiest people around the world who share the same views to control everything, top to bottom.

It all connects to many things in history. The people, places and things it is in control of is huge. It’s all secretive because many of the organizations that are tied to it all are very secretive. Secret societies. When they can control government, all the money, media, religious organizations of many kinds (while privately living a dark, occultist religion…all very druidic, witchcraft, satanism, luciferian…that is what they all do privately). Most major businesses and companies in America and around the world are run by the Illuminati. It’s just truth.

They have front groups, which they say publicly are to help us and global affairs, but they all push a NWO agenda. CFR, Trilateral Commission, U.N., NATO etc.

Many are a part of NWO Globalist groups like Bildeburg, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones etc.

Most have a masonry background. I know masons and many are great people, but, at the highest levels it can be very dark and ritualistic.

The Alphabet groups are mostly Illuminati…IRS, CIA, FBI etc.

The Federal Reserve is Illuminati. Anything banking at that high level is all Illuminati.

They LOVE us being distracted by news stories they deliver their way via media, sports, entertainment/pop culture….tv, music, movies etc. They like you being uninterested in what’s going on. They love those that are somewhat informed fighting with each other….right vs. left bullshit. They love you being distracted by social media.

They protect their other crime syndicate cronies, unless you cross them and then you go to prison for something or you have an accident of some kind or you just disappear. They don’t fuck around.

If you reveal too much to the people….see above.

They are all about symbols, dates, special days and nights, numbers, codes, letters, words, animals etc. All very symbolic and VERY ritualistic. All things they believe give them power.

A few things for you to do research on:

Adam Weishaupt and the history of the Illuminati until now.

Doc Marquis was born into an Illuminati family and reveals very detailed info. I’m sure he has to be careful.

Chip Tatum, a former CIA agent and pilot.

Cathy O’Brien, a former MK-Ultra sex slave for the very powerful. Again, I’m sure she has to be careful.

The masonic history.

Occults and the Iluminati.

NWO Globalist plan.

CIA drug running and gun running. It all helps to pay for our secret black ops.

The history of the Bush family going back to the friendly ties of Prescott Bush.

The history of the Clinton family going back to when Bill was Governor and the Mena airstrip CIA story.

The history of Barack Obama and his CIA history and the friendly ties through his life.

Bildeburg Goup.

Bohemian Grove.

Skull & Bones.

They control both major political parties. The public thinks they are different and it seems that way, BUT, it is all controlled privately. They MUST keep the right/left paradigm going for their survival. They LOVE the distraction of the fighting. It’s all meant to be that way and people fall for it each time.

The military industrial complex…$$$ from the equipment they make and the Iluminati control of wars …funding both sides…while we pay for it all.

All things MK-Ultra.

Media mind control.

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