Appreciation To People

I have a certain appreciation for many people in my life and for different reasons. Like life itself, you get many lessons throughout from people. Whether it’s from family, friends, a boss, coworkers, friends, enemies, girlfriends, wives etc.

Some of these people like me, dislike me, love me, hate me, don’t know me, but inspired me, know me well, think they know me, but don’t really, do understand me, don’t understand me etc.

So whether the relationships are good or bad…I took something from them. I live & learn all the time.

I appreciate ALL of these people…

Mom & Dad…Great people. So many life lessons from them.

My grandparents…Real.

Gene Hauenstein…The greatest teacher throughout all my years in school. Master storyteller.

Bill Walker…TV and Radio teacher at my high school and although I never took his classes, I was a part of a Super Summer program when I was 12 (and sucked doing radio and tv then). Several friends told me he said that I would never be anything in media…I always took that with me and I did alright. You don’t go to Minneapolis, Orlando etc. if you are are rotten. This is one of those things that gives you strength. Motivation of fuck you, basically. I actually liked/like the guy too.

My group of friends from my youth…great friends at the time…mainly elementary school. Once we hit middle school, we all started drifting apart and into various groups. High school, even more so. Scott Matney, Mike Forrester, Tony Miller, Josh Michel, Kurt Johnston, Jim Morris, Ron Mehrley, Shane Pulley.

Tiffany Ham…One of the greatest women I have ever known. Heart of gold. Just a decent person.

Kelly Burrington…my best friend from high school and still a great friend now. We don’t talk as much, but he is a true friend.

Jamie, my first wife…Always a doll. We we’re young at the time, but she’s a genuine soul. We rarely talk now, but we have helped each other through some shit.

Ronda, my second wife and mother of my kids…We are just better friends. Opposites attract, but don’t always last. Our ying/yang was too different.

Amy, my former porn star neighbor who took care of me with lasagne and other great hungers years ago. She said I had a huge porno cock and the stamina of a bull. Oh that Amy….one of a kind.

Bosses over the years…some good (most), some bad, some excellent, some are evil. A few…Chuck Bailey, John O’Rourke, Jeff Davis, Lee Tobin, John Roberts, Jeff Cushman, Leighton Peck, Rob Kelley & Jimmy Knight. I’m not going to say who’s who. I like them all, regardless of their badges of various honor.

Television and radio people I’ve worked with and enjoyed over the years. A few…John Buchanon, Scott McKenzie, Erica Lee, Jay Edwards, Greg Thunder, Kara Killen, Cappy, Phlash Phelps, Trey Alexander, Tim Virgin, Charly Butcher, Dez, Scott Dugan and many others.

Sheila…my gf from when I was in Minneapolis. Sexy, smart and a great woman.

The women who once liked me or loved me, but dislike me and hate me for various reasons, usually on assumptions they make, which are not correct. Laura, Robin, Michelle (a few), Eula, Nicole, Kristen, Lisa. This list could have more, but I learned that women (most, not all) are fucked up.

Jen…my current gal. I believe she is the real deal. I love our time together. If you had a basic checklist…she is everything great.

I always remember.

Live life to the fullest and always live & learn.


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