It’s My Life: House, Car, Work, Jen & Our Mind

I cleaned the house, which I do often. I have OCD…mild case anyway. I keep shit clean. 🙂

Interesting thing: Revolt TV.

These globalists need to pay attention to details. As they form their plots and strategies. Yet, people are in a haze and follow like sheep what they’re told. Create a conflict (terrorists, terror event or aid them with money and weapons…all while saying they’re the enemy), be the savoir to help us and keep us safe (from the events they constructed) and then take away more liberties (because they want to protect us from the boogeyman and cronies….people they work with via the alphabet groups….CIA etc). I love America and the American people. I do not like the propaganda from all sides…right/left…media and certain elements of government etc. It’s ALL a distraction and why???? Power, greed, money, blackmail, threats etc. They (certain powerful elements) own it all. Do your own research.

Some friends of mine have started Fox Tango Whiskey radio. Excellent! If you dig hard rock & metal.

My car got the greatest car wash and cleaning ever. Perfect.

Work matters. Give it all you’ve got.

Jen is my gal. Without a doubt, the most REAL woman in every way. A genuine soul. Jen makes me happy.


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