TV, Radio, Music & Movie File

Kiefer Sutherland with some advice: Have a story.

Fall TV stuff.

Katherine Heigel wants to return to television.

TV season scorecard.

Wow! Sons of Anarchy trailer.

Fall TV premiere dates.

American Horror Story: Coven teaser.

Boardwalk Empire stuff.

Duck Dynasty sneak peek.

I dig Royals by Lorde A LOT. She performed live with Kevin & Bean on KROQ.

Bruce Springsteen is working on fresh material for another album while touring.

Lady Gaga getting naked.

Fresh Don Henley expected soon.

Beady Eye is something everyone should gravitate towards.

The Alarm. Another band I always liked. They should have been bigger.

Michael Jackson & Freddie Mercury duets due later this year.

Jane’s Addiction’s Another Soulmate.

Fresh Phil Collins maybe in the near future.

I still like The Dream Academy.

Bob Seger is working on an album.

Katy Perry’s ROAR tease.

Tom Petty says the next album will be different.

Madonna happenings.

Fresh stuff from Neko Case.

I enjoy the latest TV On The Radio a lot.

Michael Stipe artwork.

Prince happenings.

The National. A band I have liked for years. I saw them open for REM a while back. They have a great following, but they deserve more.

Sly is pissed at Bruce Willis over Expendables flick.

Johnny Depp’s Transcendence.

Arnold supplements.

Tom Hanks Captain Phillips trailer.

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