There’s a lot of smoke & mirrors.

I find it interesting that the people that actually used the gas are the rebels/al qaeda…the people we are helping, yet, most of the time in any other situation, are our enemy…the terrorists. Yet, the “story,” the all powerful go with is that it’s the government in that country, when the rebels have admitted they used sarin gas.

There is an agenda that has been in place for a LONG time. Find out for yourself. You will NOT find out by watching CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC…or ABC, CBS, NBC….or by listening to people who you think know what’s up. There’s very few who actually get it. Most do not. It’s not some fucking joke or a conspiracy or whatever else anyone wants to throw around. It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing. You MUST ditch that notion. The right/left paradigm is a distraction. They want you to argue and bitch and complain. This is all way bigger than that.

Basically, there are very powerful people who have taken over elements of our government at many levels.

The NWO is real. The Illuminati shit it real. The one world government deal is real. The wars (both sides) are controlled by the same people. They make the rules. They set the game. They make the plays. It’s all constructed.

Things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes they’re exactly what they seem.

People we think are good people are actually bad people. The better ones are most convincing. It’s not about party. They’re together with different public personas. They do their craft well.

Many things in history DID happen, but it’s not always they way we think it happened.

I love America and hope this all will be alright. My thoughts are with the military, because they’re probably going to get pulled into this.

We do not need World War III, but the globalists want it. It’s a part of their plan to bring more money and power to themselves and to take away more of our liberties to keep us safe from terrorists…the same ones they help, sadly. They change the story to suit them.

Strength to all.


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