Fall TV Report Card


TV Guide’s Fall TV Report Card is an interesting read.

Fall TV IMO has been really great in many ways.

Sons of Anarchy has been blowing my mind! A+

Boardwalk Empire is about as compelling as it gets. A

Breaking Bad was an excellent tv series and wrapped up well. A

I give CBS gets an A for always being number one. NCIS is still a monster. HIMYM, BBT are always fun. The Crazy Ones is decent.

I give ABC a B-. I dig Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I give NBC a B-. I like The Blacklist a lot.

I give FOX a C. I think Almost Human is interesting. I also dig all of the Animation Domination stuff.

The CW…I’m gonna pass to be fair because I don’t catch enough of it.

I’m a TV Freak, Radio Geek, Music & Movie Maniac.

I just want to be entertained, period.

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