As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to share what I’m thankful for:

My parents. Mom & Dad are the best folks ever. Pop passed away a few months ago, so it’s been tough. I miss him a lot and think of him all the time. He was a hard working guy who loved his family. I can feel his presence when I wonder what to do sometimes in life. I have tried to do so much for them, as they did for me over the years.

My kids. Emily, Andrew and Alicia make me so proud in so many ways. I love them so much. My world revolves around them regardless of everything else happening. My reasons for things are always about them. Much like my folks…family is #1 to me and my kids are my world.

My various jobs and work over my life, whether it’s radio, tv, home and car buying and selling, retail, restaurants, music & movie marketing, writing articles and columns for various zines, showprep service, doing my art…cartoons and animation etc.

My friends. They rock.

The military folks for all they do.

The cops, firefighters and emergency folks who do what they do.

Pets. All of them…dogs, cats, birds etc.

I love life and through all the up’s & down’s, the good & bad, the success and failure…it’s better than it could be because it could always be worse.

I am just glad to have great people in my life.

Life is full of lessons.


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