It’s My Life: Thanksgiving, Family, News, Sports & Sandwiches

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was smooth…family time. I love my kids so much. I’m telling you, they can make bad times in life good. They are wonderful, smart, funny, great looking kids…very caring. Mom is doing alright. I know she misses Dad, as we all do. The nice thing about my family and all my relatives…we are supportive of each other. I dig leftover turkey for some turkey sandwiches…always.

I spend a lot of my spare time enjoying sports and there’s always plenty of that, especially this weekend. The other thing is following the news and it is beyond f’ed up in so many ways. Entertainment and sports is great, but more should know what’s really happening in the news and I mean…really happening, not just what we’re always fed. So many get distracted by these other things and therefore they don’t know, don’t care, don’t understand and those that think they’re informed usually never know the whole story etc.

My week ahead includes the Dentist and the Doctor. Those aren’t the double d’s I prefer.

My dog Belle has lost her hearing and her eyesight is going quick.
It makes me sad. She’s doing alright with it though…playful etc.

Be sure to check me out elsewhere. I’m on nearly every social media network, old and new…Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr (ZackSkyler), Instagram, Soundcloud and a few others. Look for me (or variations of the name): David Eppley. I use Twitter the most: @DavidAlanEppley We can be friends, follow each other etc. It’s a lot of music, movie, tv, radio, book stuff with me and all the rest.

TNT’s Mob City debuts Dec. 4th. I hope it kicks ass!
TV Land’s Kirstie starring Kirstie Alley debuts Dec. 4th too.
I’ll be sure to catch Mob City, but I’m not sure about Kirstie. Maybe!?!
I am a TV Land fan though…Raymond rules.

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