My Favorite Books of the Year

Based on my opinion only.


Chuck Klosterman’s I Wear The Black Hat is a really fun read, as all of his books are. The line between good and bad and the definition.


Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath is yet another impressive book from MG. It’s always nice to know that anything is possible.


Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep is a fine addition to my Stephen King library. As a fan of The Shining, I really enjoyed this. He does what he’s supposed to do…scare you and if you’re lucky you’ll sleep well while reading this one, yet if you don’t, it’s probably doing it’s job. Sweet dreams.

Those are my main 3 best book picks. I thought about mentioning some of the worst, but I’ll save my dark side for music and movies.

My Best & Worst of the Year for TV, Music and Movies are all coming.
I’m also going to have Winners & Losers…the people of news, sports and showbiz. The Good, Bad & Ugly overall for the year. ALL just my takes…based on my opinion only.

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