TV, Radio, Music & Movie File

TV Guide grades Fall TV.

Sneak peek at Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty with the first episode.

Sneak peek at TV Land’s Kirstie.

Sneak peek at TNT’s Mob City.

I love

Greatest TV Familes of All Time.

Details on Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul.

Sin City, the tv series, I can dig it.

Roseanne has fun on Twitter.

Be sure check out Sirius XM’s Underground Garage. Great stuff! Drew Carey even does a show and plays some excellent stuff.

The tv pilot endangered?!?

25 Greatest Episodes of Seinfeld.

Kurt Sutter’s SOA book and John Teller manuscript is coming.

The Future of Radio.

The latest scoop on the upcoming season of FX’s Archer.

For indie fans, Amazing Radio’s Tips for 2014.

WhatCulture’s five films to see in 2014.

Quentin Tarantino’s next film will be a western.

It’s my Buzzfeed community page. It’s empty at the moment, but will be full of activity soon.

Beck’s Wave.

Muse live.

HelloGoodbye’s (Everything Is) Debatable.

Go inside Jack White’s Third Man Records.

BBC’s Zane Lowe’s hottest records of 2013.

Empire’s best films of 2013.

Great piece on the films of Martin Scorsese.

Entertainment Weekly’s Best of 2013.

Interesting Tom Hanks interview.

I always enjoy the stuff at

A lot of great stuff via

Always interesting things via

Metacritic’s music in 2014.

Metacritic’s movies in 2014.

Info on The Walking Dead and the Governor.

History of Top 40.

The Wrap talks fall tv.

15 Important Lessons from Parks and Recreation.

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