Best & Worst Radio of the Year


Radio. I still believe. I’m all about social media, websites, audio, pics, video etc. It’s very important, but the #1 thing with radio should always be the radio. All the sizzle will not work if your steak sucks. Some get really fucked up by the word radio and want to mix things up to make it seem like all the other things matter and the radio doesn’t as much, because, as they would say: “it’s the phone, the web, tablet or device…not the radio.” Well, regardless of the transmission and transportation…it’s still the f-ing radio.

The product is the entertainment you provide the audience, which includes all elements of media, but the radio matters. Radio…as in the entertaining the masses, not necessarily the object.

Just like all of my other Best & Worst stuff, it’s not based on ratings, popularity, bullshit or anything else other than my opinion. It’s just taste and what I might like, you might dislike. It’s all subjective.

I like many people, personalities, formats, stations, channels, networks etc., but I’m only sticking with a few. I will give some honorable mentions and even with these, there are some things with some of them that I worry about, but most I dig for the most part. So, honorable mentions: Z100, KIIS, KTU, WPLJ, NASH, Q95, X103, KDWB, WCBS, KEarth, Amazing Radio, BBC, Absolute Radio, Mix 105.1, KS95, Q104.3, CapitalFM, Alt98.7, The Independent FM, 92.3 Now, 97.1 AMP, SiriusXM channels: Hits1, XMU, Underground Garage, Lithium, First Wave, Classic Rewind etc. and via the web: Tom Leykis, IndiePopRocks soma fm, Indie103.1, KNAC and Fox Tango Whiskey.


Howard Stern
The King of All Media has always and continues to be one of my favorites. Nobody interviews as great as Howard.

London’s Xfm is my #1 favorite station. Refreshing.

Bob & Tom
Indianapolis based Bob & Tom have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I think their funniest stuff is from the 80’s, long before their syndication, but they still have it.

Opie & Anthony
O&A, Jim Norton and the rest give a kick in the ass. Real. Speak their minds. Funny. I appreciate their honesty. It’s a rarity anymore. I dig the others on their channel, like Ron & Fez and I’ve liked them since the Ron & Ron days in Florida.

Whether you love him or hate him, Cow gets it done. He never gets enough credit when it comes to the material he covers. He must be a showprep madman. I think his interviews are top notch.

Eddie Trunk
Although I like many genres, I dig my hard rock & metal. I enjoy not only watching That Metal Show on VH1Classic, but try to listen as much as possible to Eddie on Q104.3 NYC on Friday nights and then via Hair Nation, Mondays on SiriusXM. Eddie knows this stuff, in & out.

The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles has been a favorite of mine since the beginning, when they we’re a groundbreaking format. They still have “it.” Kevin & Bean, Kat, Stryker etc. are all excellent.

Most of the radio landscape, sadly. The stench from the top is rotten. It’s run by bankers and stockholders. Much of the same, lame, cookie cutter, one fits all crap that flows over the industry. As I’ve said before, much of the talent sounds the same, where personalities…real, not fake crap…but real personalities are almost gone.

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