Some Of My Favorite Podcasts

There are so many excellent podcasts via iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-In etc.

The Complete Guide To Everything is fun and talks about…everything.

Penn’s Sunday School with Penn Jillette is top notch, REAL and f-ing funny. A MUST!

Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr.

HitFix does some great podcasting.

This American Life It’s a classic with Ira Glass and nice storytelling.

The Nerdist Chris Hardwick does a fine job.

TV Guide used to do some great podcasts a long time ago. Someone told me recently that they may do some yet again sometime.

PodcastOne has a bunch of great ones, including the excellent Steve Austin and debuting this week, Chris Jericho.

Entertainment Weekly does podcasts often.

Whitney Matheson of USA Today does a Pop Candy podcast.

I have many others, but that’s a few.

Here’s a few podcast related stories:

Here’s Buzzfeed’s 21 Podcasts For Every Personality.

Radio on the TV podcast story.

The Verge list of podcasts.

Yahoo’s podcast picks.

Digital Trend’s best podcasts.

Paste’s 10 Best Music Podcasts.

Paste’s 10 Best Movie Podcasts.


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