This Thing Called Life


My life is an adventure. I love it! Through everything, the good & bad, the up’s & down’s, it’s something that I enjoy and it’s just a lot of life lessons.

This adopted kid was always into music & movies, sports, drums (I’ve played them since I was six), interested in the news world, television (my first time on tv was age five), radio (a huge influence with first paid job at fourteen), art, writing etc.

I always felt lucky as a fan of radio to do it from the time I was fourteen until a year ago. It was fun. I also got to host a tv series in Indy during the 90’s, which we taped over the weekends, while I did radio through the week in Fort Wayne. All while using a name I created, Zack Skyler, because a guy at a station I worked at early on had my real name. I just kept it over the years everywhere I went. I just go with my name now, David Eppley. I always tell friends that it’s only a name.

Now, I do various jobs, all of which I enjoy. It’s all about finding your cheese.

Two marriages, two divorces, great kids. It all made me who I am. My kids are my world. I love them so much.

Anyway, I dig a lot of stuff and enjoy doing this blog too.

Real. Fun. Honest.

TV Freak. Radio Geek. Music & Movie Maniac. Book Reader. News & Sports Info Junkie. Foodie. Drummer. Sex Addict. Too Honest For Most. Enjoy Classic Homes & Cars. Traveler. Photographer.

Anything is possible.

Twitter: @DavidAlanEppley


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