Best & Worst of News & Sports of the Year


The Best & Worst People & Stories in News and Sports for the Year.

Be sure to check out my Best & Worst TV, Music, Movies etc. via earlier posts.

It’s all subjective.

Only my opinion.


The American public. I think some get it. Yet, still a lot of sheep, but it’s getting better. Zero agenda. It’s just about being aware…truly aware. I like all my devices, tablets, gadgets, phones etc. I like my social media networks etc. I like my tv, radio, music, movies, video games, books, sports, news etc., BUT I still know what’s really happening. I will always be the one to be in control of me. I think making family #1 is most important…whatever your family is.

Peyton Manning. Professor on the field.

Auburn shocking Alabama.

Boxing. It’s still got it. Wrestling and MMA are huge, but boxing has had some great events this year.


NSA spying.

Economy still stinks.

Job rates are rotten and any growth is in minimum wage jobs or in government…IRS…fun times. Most people do not want to hire full time because of what? Yeah… AHC Act.

The Healthcare Mess. Whether you like or dislike the Affordable Healthcare Act, it’s just not smooth on many levels.

Politics as a whole. The right/left paradigm is a distraction. It’s all corrupt. Top to bottom. There are some decent ones who try, but with so much power, sex, drugs, money, bribes, coersion, threats etc. Sometimes even good people can be bad.

The Boston Bombing. Sad that it happened. I have more questions than answers, for instance, how can the FBI not know the brothers when one of them was in communication with them AND worked for the CIA?!? Nobody will answer that question.

Drones. Fuck the drones. All of them.

George Zimmerman. Looking for trouble.

Jodi Arias. Psycho slut.

The New Pope. Hmmm… Interesting background on him.

Syria (and take your pick on any other country that has had turmoil). Our Government condemns Al Qaida, yet supports them with weapons, money etc. Always pay attention to BOTH hands. The public words and private actions vary greatly. Weird.

Random Shootings. This shit has to stop, but the thing to remember is why are these happening? It’s beyond just a nut with guns. Do your research on these people, their backgrounds, their families etc. MK-Ultra stuff. Doctor controlled. Pill $$$ poppers. Family with black op ties. Think. Think beyond what you get from media. Then ask yourself…why beyond what I just mentioned. When you begin to feel uncomfortable, it is then you are getting closer to the truth.

Royal Baby Birth. Happy for them, but all the attention it received is enough to make birds drop dead.

Lance Armstrong. Big dumb liar. Dopey.

Aaron Hernandez. Big dumb alleged murderer.

Richie Incognito. Big dumb bully.

Nelson Mandela’s Passing.

Manti Te’o and his hoax dead gf.

A-Rod. Retire with your mountain of money. You had a nice career. Just go away.

Most media. Not all, but most.

My look into the news, sports and showbiz world for 2014 will be posted soon with the people, places and things ahead for 2014: Although 2016 is a couple of years away…the Presidential race buzz will be creeping, Olympics, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA, Peoples Choice Awards, Grammys, Oscars, Emmys etc.


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