More Radio I Dig

I talk quite a bit about radio. It’s just a passion.

I like different kinds of radio for various reasons. For instance, I like great personalities…REAL, fun, honest, funny, evoke emotion…like Howard on Sirius XM and his channel, Opie & Anthony and their channel, Ron & Fez, Johnny B, Bob & Tom, Mancow, Bubba etc.

I like the various formats and sometimes for their personalities (but not like they used to be)…Top40: Z100, KIIS (although not like I used to, but they make a lot of money, so !?!), Hot AC: WPLJ, Rock: Q95, Country: NASH, Alternative: KROQ etc.

I’m a huge fan of indie stuff, because I like something fresh, different and enjoy discovering what’s next. I miss a lot of those former great stations, like WOXY.

Just hardcore music buffs who know things about these artists and have a genuine interest in them. It’s one reason (along with the music itself) that I enjoy Matt Pinfield and Eddie Trunk…they are truly invested in these acts, although different musically usually, with Matt more alternative and Eddie more hard rock/metal. I dig all kinds of rock, so I can be kinda weird I guess that I love Motorhead and Danzig equally with Arctic Monkeys and The National.

As you may or may not know, due to previous posts….Xfm (the total package) in London by far is my #1. The GREAT thing about the Brits…they are fearless in the radio sense….meaning, they’ll play the newest, cutting edge stuff (WAY before us) and still once in a while play a song by The Beatles, Stones or Kinks. Most here would NEVER do that (and the garbage Jack formats don’t count…That is a mess), because we are conditioned to think our audience wouldn’t understand why and maybe so because of “how we have always done things,” but you can educate people on stuff. Good is good. Bad is bad. Indie103.1 is is a bit close behind with great stuff. If it’s more mainstream alternative (and great personalities) it’s KROQ and Alt98.7.

Here’s a few more indie oriented stations I love:

Amazing Radio

The Current

The Independent FM



Indie 100



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