Just a few ideas…in a perfect world:

ALL news operations would focus on truth of anything and everything, not agendas, propaganda, fluff (to the extent they’ve taken it),  REAL investigative reporting…all regardless of the people involved, parties, politics, sides, greed etc. Nobody is safe from the real deal.

The same stuff above, but, attached to some sports broadcasts.

More guts. Less political correctness.

More from Kurt Sutter. I know he’s planning a SOA prequel on the first nine. Yeah, I can dig it.

A comedy based on (take any great comic now).

A drama based on the early days of vintage Hollywood.

A drama based on Murder Inc., the mafia’s enforcement arm in the early days of the Commission.

A weekly docuseries on tv pilot season.

Something called Roseanne vs., where every week Roseanne goes on the attack and faces the people.

A Superheroes and Villains cable channel.

Frank Caliendo needs another tv project.

A weekly docuseries on popular media figures in television and radio.
A Day In The Life kind of stuff.

TV Pilot cable channel, which only shows tv pilots, most of which have never been seen and some which feature people who became stars.

Anything (and some are already doing stuff, but maybe extra stuff) from Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Kelsey Grammer, Joel McHale, Ray Romano, Drew Carey, John Lithgow.

More (and better) music specials (with real talent) and more and better movies.

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