Reading Material

I dig a great story. Some of these are old, some are new, but I think they’re interesting. I do these Reading Material posts often and they are all similar to this. I hope you like.

Nick Offerman discusses his Parks & Recreation character, Ron Swanson.

A Day In The Life of host of The Soup, Joel McHale.

The Soprano’s oral history.

Pop’s New Ruler: Lorde.

Punk Rock Branding: The Sub Pop story. This is the label Nirvana had prior to Geffen and still a great label today.

Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell is 30.

24 Tips To Reinvent Your Brand ala Kiefer Sutherland.

James Patterson writes A TON of books and explains the process.

30 Years of Madonna.

Disney’s plans for Star Wars.

Prince, from child  to Superstar.

The making of Pulp Fiction.

The Mariah Carey story.

Martin Scorsese wants…

The story behind the making of Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The USA.

A nice talk with MTV’s Original VJs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Q&A.

Lemmy from Motorhead: I’m Paying For The Good Times.

Sylvester Stallone discusses Rocky and Rambo.

A look at The Ramones.

Bruce Willis: Bruce Almighty.

Mother Love Bone and then…Pearl Jam.

Garth Brooks talks 2014.


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