In A Perfect World…

All people can be happy.

The realization that sometimes people and things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes they’re exactly what they seem.

Kids would be raised well, loved and cared for. All of them.

Laugh a lot.

You. Branding yourself. Creating the enterprise…You Inc.

The President (any President) and world leaders would handle things better collectively…middle ground.

The Olympics would be completely drug free. Truly…not just said with a wink.

Be creative in ways to make money.

Think a lot. Some say, I don’t want to think. People should think more.

There’d be zero disease in the world.

Realize there’s good & bad in almost everything.

Talk. Discuss things. Share your thoughts and not just through social media nets.

Love. Everyone would have someone to love and vice versa. That special person. Soulmate.

Have fun often.

The weather wouldn’t be wicked.

The media wouldn’t be controlled and could truly….really…just get to the truth…whatever it is. Zero agendas. Nobody’s bitch. Just getting facts. Not propaganda. It’s very rare to get real journalism. Nobody….NOBODY is protected from just the facts. It would be so refreshing.

Exercise yourself…body and mind.

Family importance.

Enjoy actual human gatherings. Face to face. Just great conversation in person.

Love. Ridding hate.

Read often….a lot. Learn. Books can be damn near perfect.

People would understand various world cultures.

The Alphabet people would be done.

Terrorism would be gone.

Life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.

Zero NSA snooping on regular people.

Elvis would be alive.

People can be comfortable with their living situation.

All the people have great sex and a lot of it.

Be in control of yourself.

Secret Societies would be done.

Economy. You can’t keep going down with wages (and wear more hats…meaning doing several jobs for less money than it used to be for one person doing one of those jobs previously…oh and you’ll be happy or else) and always go up with the cost of everything else. It’s set on a path of disaster.

People would help others more often.

Keep learning life lessons.

Zero b.s. in politics. It’s all corrupt. Greed. Power. It’s about control. There’s a lot of money, bribes, coersion, threats. Sex, drugs and parties. Secret stuff. The public and private personas differ greatly. It happens with many, both sides. Parties wear faces for the crowd to seem like they’re different, while it’s all the same stuff. It’s dogs chasing cats in a yard…and we expect it to be different. It NEVER is.$$$$$$$$$$$$

The understanding that the right/left paradigm is a distraction.

There would be great tv often.

Art. Find your art…whatever it is.

MLB, NFL, NBA etc. would stay out of politics. Stick to the games and be entertaining.

Kiss a lot. Kissing rules.

Get rid of the Federal Reserve.

Everybody would have a fun hobby.

Generate an idea every day/night.

The important things stay important.

The radio world would have more balls and be less afraid to do what’s needed.

People to be real, not fake.

Everyone would have the joy of a pet…dog, cat, bird, whatever.

Taxes. Fix the system or ditch it. If all people are to pay taxes, it should be everyone….ALL…including those that never pay any, like General Electric etc. It makes zero sense, but in a corrupt world, it makes perfect sense.

Be an innovator, not an immitator.

Jobs. More…better and everybody had one or some.

The drug companies would have a deeper understanding of the two sides to their coin.

More and better quality music and movies.

Quality over quantity in everything.

All of The Beatles would still be living.

Jim Morrison of The Doors and Ray would still be alive.

Jimi, Janis, Kurt Cobain. I wish they were still here.

Marlon Brando would still be living. James Dean, Marilyn Monroe etc.

Smile. A lot.

Take care of yourself.

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