Dean Koontz latest book called Innocence is a great read.

Do you ever think, fuck, am I the only person like me? I feel that way a lot. I can’t think of one person who thinks the way I do. We may agree on a few things, but my brain goes wider, deeper and farther on various things and I get deer in headlights looks, like I have flaming turds hanging out of my mouth. People are just so naive and sadly, well, fucked. Everyone wants to tag or label. Oh, you’re a liberal…nope. You’re one of those conservatives…nope. I don’t play that game.

The weather sucks. I haven’t seen this much snow since seeing Stevie Nicks backstage in the 80’s.

I like my alone time, but I’m not into becoming lonely.

Fact: The crosseyed gal in Devo’s Whip It video was really crosseyed all the time. They found her at a mall.

Nice to see Brian on Family Guy.

I think most of the hosts of 70’s game shows had to be high. Chuck Barris clappin’ like a nut on the Gong Show. Gene Rayburn and all the celebs on Match Game….that set was floating.

Although, I’m not what you’d call a Beyonce fan, there’s some decent songs on Beyonce. XO is well done. Beyond the art, I’m impressed with how she released it. That was quite a move. Breaking the mold on how things are done is always refreshing to me. F the norm.

Fact: The original Shrek was going to be Chris Farley.

I saw an advanced showing of American Hustle via some friends, since it’s not showing in my area yet. I think it’s an excellent flick. Christian Bale, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper etc. All A+ performances. I will be checking it out again. THIS is now my favorite film of the year.

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is enjoyable.

Band Alert: Lonely The Brave…Backroads is a cool tune.

I sometimes need something to relax and even fall asleep to, although I usually sleep without radio or tv….just silence, but there is a great channel on TuneIn called Ambient Sleeping Pill…tranquilizing stuff…atmospheric…waterfalls, breeze etc. It takes you away.

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