A few random radio thoughts:

I know that talk radio is quite popular among many, but it’s usually strickly news, politics or sports. I would love to have more that happened to be just straight up entertaining talk…examples: Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony etc. Just REAL, fun, honest, funny. Life! I go through a ton of podcasts and think…damn, they’d be great doing talk radio…entertaining talk.

Regardless of format…the greatest hosts are personalities who share their life, have fun, keep it real, are honest and #1 are master storytellers, whether it’s a few minutes or 10 seconds. Greatness can be any amount of time, if it’s done properly.

Elements of tv brought to the radio world can be beneficial. What I mean is…effective arcs, a compelling ride of comedy or drama, hooks and this isn’t just an audio thing. In this world of social media, using more video elements is making your radio also tv like. Making your blogs matter. It’s more than just discussing the same crap…Miley etc. You’ve gotta shake it up. F the tedious!!!

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