Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


It’s about time…KISS is getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Although I like Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, if KISS plays anything at the induction ceremony, Ace and Peter better be able to join Paul and Gene. If that doesn’t happen, well, shame on Paul and Gene. Do it for the fans. Be civil and just do it.


Gene talks rock & roll hof.

Paul as well.

I’m also happy for Nirvana. I’ve liked Nirvana since their Sub Pop days pre-Nevermind. Bleach was a great album. Congrats to the late Kurt Cobain and also Krist and Dave. Hopefully Courtney will not make it about her. It’s Nirvana’s special moment. Frances should be happy for the contribution her dad made to the industry. Nirvana completely moved everything into different places. Nothing of that magnitude has happened since. Nothing.


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